How to Market a Yoga Studio

marketing a yoga studio

Marketing requires a unique approach that is relevant to the market, and this has never been more important as hyper-local markets and niche interests continue to separate a once larger audience pool. Marketing a yoga studio requires a blended strategy that appeals to both the practice of yoga and the amenities and benefits of the given studio. As more studios pop up, let’s review how to appropriately market yoga therapy in Geelong and beyond.

Yoga social media marketing

Social media is going to be a great way to curate your audience and let them experience the look and feel of your yoga studio. Social media is great for showing the best of the best, but also include the ‘behind the scenes’ content like the instructors chatting, planning classes and even just a few things that inspire your studio and your practice. The more thought you put into this social media marketing, the greater chance you will attract new attendees and members.

Yoga studio marketing strategy

Before you start your yoga studio marketing strategy, it is important to know what you are trying to achieve. Is it building the authority of your studio, increasing your membership, building hype for a studio opening or are you simply trying to push a seasonal campaign? You then want to understand where your ideal community is spending their time digitally so that you can market to them there. MINDBODY is the app that most fitness studios use, but that might not be where your audience is and so having your introduction offers there might fall flat. You could always survey your existing members to get a sense of what converted them to your yoga to inform your acquisition strategy.

Marketing for yoga instructors

Unlike many other industries, yoga instructors market themselves at a number of yoga studios. This means that you want your instructors to be posting fabulous posts of them stretching and instructing in your studio. Holding regular photoshoots not only allows you to get new content for your social media, email marketing and overall marketing strategy – but your instructors can market you also. Their followers are going to be more likely to choose the well-lit, inclusive yoga studio that their instructor posts lots of photos at, rather than the one that is absent from their feed.

SEO for Yoga Studios

A good quality SEO agency that does link-building and local SEO will help your website rank for local terms like to help people in your area find you. They will also help your Google My Business profile appear in the Google Map Pack and in Google Maps.

Yoga marketing flyers

You might not have considered marketing flyers when you originally set out to market your yoga studio, but sometimes grassroots marketing really does work. If you had created some compelling posters to have around town in your target suburbs, or on the counters of like-minded businesses… you might find this gets you in front of the right people. When you segment your customer types, you will know if the age group of habits of that customer will be more likely to grab a flyer – so get deep into your ideal customer segments.

Yoga branding marketing

What sort of yoga will your studio be offering, and how does that align with who you are as a brand. If you only offer Yin Yoga then you might want to steer clear of a brand that is fast, energetic and in your face. This yoga type is slow and measured, and your branding needs to reflect that experience. If you are a studio that offers a number of classes and many different yoga types – then a blended brand marketing approach is going to be ideal. You will notice that Nike appeals to all genders, sports and cultures. You want to be bringing that sort of versatility to attract a number of different audience types.


Well if you weren’t sold on your own yoga studio then, you must be now. Consider the points discussed here and work to tailor a marketing strategy for your yoga studio that is relatable and yet unique. Good luck!


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