Funny SEO Jokes and Memes

the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of google

I recently came across the SEO Jokes & Memes group on Facebook. It’s run by which is a website that sells fun SEO-themed merch. I figured since most of this article will be sourced from their group, I should at least give them a backlink.

I intend to save the best SEO jokes and memes here for easy reference next time I need one for sending to a client or coworker.

Is Your Child Doing SEO?

This is the SEO meme that I found this group by, my dad who also does SEO shared this and credited the group on his Facebook profile.

Articles by Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s blog is not the most well-regarded source of SEO advice online. The site ranks very well for a lot of SEO questions, but I’ve noticed many instances where the site itself does not follow the recommendations of its articles. Now I know this website is a dog’s breakfast as well, but it’s not a commercial site.

Long Content

There’s often advice to make your content longer than everyone else’s to make it “better”.

Client Expectations VS Budget

Anyone working in SEO will have had to deal with clients who think they should be able to achieve good SEO results for only a few hundred dollars a month despite their competitors clearly spending thousands…

SEO Dads Be Like…

My SEO Dad would be very disappointed if I was working in PPC.

Link Resellers on LinkedIn

This is super relatable, I get emails or messages on LinkedIn from people selling high DA guest posts almost daily and if you’re reading this article, you probably are too. They do seem like the online version of the people in Las Vegas trying to give you flyers for strip clubs or other sketchy places.

SEO Genie Meme

One common theme of this group is “it depends”, which is a very common SEO response to questions. I’m really enjoying these as it’s something I have to respond with a lot.

Waiting for Links After Creating Great Content

Many SEOs will say that creating great content will make you attract links naturally and whilst this is possible and the ideal method, it is in no way guaranteed to work.

PPC is Better Than SEO

This would be considered a mercy killing.

Nofollowing All Outbound Links

No need to nofollow outbound links unless it’s something you truly want to distance yourself from…

Cyanide and Happiness SEO Meme

Yep, that hurts.

The Secret to SEO

What is it? It depends.

Setting a Site Live Without SEO

I once started a job the day before a major site rebuild for a major company and it was very messy.

Pirates of Internet

As long as it ranks I guess!

Invincible SEO Meme

Invincible is a great TV show and comic series.

Errors on Competitor’s Website

I have laughed at competitor sites before.

SEO Keywords as Business Name

This reminds me of the old days of adding multiples of the letter A to the start of your business name to appear highest alphabetically in the Yellow Pages directory.

Fiverr Backlink Building Services Be Like…

I love this meme format.

Pepe Silvia

I do feel like this at times.

Talking to a Brick Wall

This is typically the sales person fault.

Universal Analytics is Shutting Down


This actually seems a little sexist, but I will really miss Google’s Universal Analytics. Everyone hates GA4.

Say Goodbye to months of bad SEO work

months of bad seo work meme

Original SEO Meme by Me



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