Weird & Obscure Official Shrek Merchandise & Promotions

Since Dreamworks has always been in the shadows of Pixar’s 3D animated films, they really went all-out on the merchandising for the Shrek films. I know there have been several other people who have done articles or videos about the weird, strange, unsettling and downright shameless Shrek merchandise out there, but they always seem to include fan-made products that are not widely available and are not endorsed by Dreamworks.

Given this is a marketing blog, I’m only focussing on real official Shrek products that are strange in one way or another, plus a few that are just obscure and likely forgotten about by all but the most hardcore of Shrek fans.

The products below are mostly from eBay, so hopefully some of this will be original content with different images to what you may have seen on other websites.

Shrek 2 Talking Cookie Jar

The Shrek Talking Cookie Jar is peak tackiness. I don’t think my partner would allow this in our kitchen.

Shrek 2 Inflatable Chair

Lots of popular things get inflatable chairs created for them. I appreciate that this has the added Shrek ear shape to them. This type of product could be hard to find these days, as these tend to pop. Especially if you have pets.

Shrek 2 Be An Ogre Kit

Shrek Blockbuster Exclusive Glow-In-The-Dark Operation Game

There have been a few variations of MB’s Shrek edition of Operation, but if you want the absolute top-tier version of the game, you need to track down the Blockbuster exclusive that glows in the dark.

Shrek Projection Flashlight

The Shrek Projection Flashlight by Sakar International allows you to insert pictures of Shrek, Puss In Boots and Princess Fiona (as well as a tiny Donkey in the group shot) onto the roof or walls. Apparently, this is “ideal for camping and nature studies”.

Santa Shrek Action Figure

Whilst this says “Shrek 2” on it, I’m assuming it’s a tie-in for the Shrek The Halls Christmas short. This figure just seems like a lazy cash grab as it is likely just a regular Shrek figure with some fabric clothes put over it

Shrek & Baby 3D Soap / Bubble Bath Bottle

I don’t know why, but Shrek holding a naked baby as a 3D bottle for bathroom products seems weird.

Donkey Costume Hat or Mask

My only real concern here is that it would look like the Donkey is eating your head.

Shrek X Supreme Tshirts

Nothing says “Hype Beast” like the Shrek font. Beware of bootlegs, you can get knockoffs of this for cheap on Redbubble etc.

Shrek Children’s Dinnerware

I actually bought a similar set to this recently for Star Wars Episode 1 for my son Charlie. When we have people over and I say to “get out the fine china” this is what I mean.

Blockbuster Video – Shrek The Third Giftcard

There is something super charming about an old expired gift card for a defunct video retailer with Shrek’s ears on it.

Shrek Original Motion Picture Score Vinyl LP

Whilst the original Shrek movie soundtrack with Smashmouth etc on it is iconic, you don’t see much hype about the actual score of the film. This picture disc with music by Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell was a Barnes & Noble exclusive and was limited to 1,500 copies, making this fit into the “obscure” category of Shrek merchandise.

Shrek 2 Pop Secret Green Popcorn

shrek pop secret green popcorn

Making your regular butter popcorn green is the pinnacle of Shrekifying your product.

Shrek 2 Look and Find Book

There’s nothing too weird about the Shrek 2 Look and Find book. I just want people to know that it exists. I think I actually own this. I love Where’s Wally (Waldo) books and other Look and Find series. I buy every decent one I find at op shops for my kids when they are older.

Shrek 2 Watch & Clock Set

I think it’s pretty wild that someone would love Shrek so much that they would want multiple timepieces with his face on them. I find the picture of Shrek on the clock itself to be kinda creepy looking like he’s up to no good.

Shrek 6.5 Ft Halloween Yard Ornament

I guess ogres are monsters and that means Shrek is appropriate for Halloween but I’ve never made that connection before. I guess living in Australia, where Halloween isn’t as big here, it is not on my mind too often.

Humpty Dumpty McDonald’s Toy

Occasionally, there is a must-have McDonald’s Happy Meal toy that every kid wants. Humpty Dumpty here probably wasn’t one of them.

M&Ms & Shrek The Third David Gilliland Ford Fusion

In 2007 this Robert Yates Racing toy car features M&Ms and Shrek crossover among various other sponsor logos.

Shrek Kellogg’s Cereal Bowl

This lime green promotional bowl features big ogre ears poking out the sides.

Shrek Kids Fishing Tackle Box

This is weird because it has a proper 3D Shrek and fish logo on the clasp, but appears to have very cheap-looking paper stickers that are probably not waterproof. This set comes with rubber worm bait and other fishing essentials.

NHRA Tony Pedregon Quaker State x Shrek 2

Here’s another race car sponsored by a Shrek film.

Shrek 2 Hanging Shrek

I remember a time in the 2000s where plastic figurines of Elvis were a popular ornament to hang in your car. I am guessing this is a variation on that concept.

Talking Shrek 2 Doll 2004

This talking doll is far too enthusiastic and gives me Chucky vibes. I would not want my kids playing with this one.

Shrek 2 Tri-Fold Wallet

In primary school, I had a Goosebumps wallet like this. This made the list because it seems like something that would make a kid become a bully magnet and get their lunch money stolen. Also I’m pretty sure that the quote “can I get a whoop whoop?” is from the Fairy Godmother so it’s weird that she’s not pictured with the quote.

Shrek 2 Squirt Rings

These squirt rings are here to demonstrate that they’d literally put Shrek’s face on every generic product possible.

Shrek Baby Plush

I don’t find this very cute and the fact that eyes are printed too far to one side makes it worse.

Baby Donkey-Dragon “Dronkey” Toy

This Dronkey looked goofy enough, but the paint dot on the eye kills me.

Dragon Breath – Shrek Scratch-N-Stink Keychain

I’m not sure what this smells like, but it doesn’t sound good. Being on a keyring it will be rubbing against your keys in your pocket all day and probably making your pants smell bad just seems like a bad idea.

Shrek 2 Dixie Cup Holder

No one needs a Shrek statue to hold their paper cups. No one. The cups stack inside the stump if you were wondering.

Shrek 1 & 2 on Nintendo Game Boy Advance Video

shrek 1 2 game boy advance video

The Shrek films themselves are hardly obscure, but the fact that you could buy these films on such an obscure video format is why it’s on this list. The early models of the Game Boy Advance did not include a backlight, making the screen very dark and difficult to view in certain conditions.

Shrek 3D Ceramic Mug

This just reminds me of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I would eat strawberry ice cream out of this and pretend its his brain like h’es one of those monkeys.

Shrek Gag Book

One can assume that this book is absolutely terrible because no real human put their name to it. This is written by “R. E. Volting” which is definitely a fake name and that author has not written anything else according to Amazon. Surely, they could have used Shrek’s name…

Shrek Green Ravioli in McDonald’s Happy Meals

McDonald’s has tried and failed to introduce permanent pasta options to their menu around the world. The green Shrek-head-shaped ravioli released in Australia is one of the few examples I recall here where I live. This replaced the regular pasta option they had at the time and was also served with a “Sipahh” straw, which allowed you to drink flavoured milk. Everything about this has been discontinued.

Nestle Shrek Swamp Pops

Nestle released Shrek Ogre Cherry, Donkey Berry, Sour Puss & Boots Orange and Fioanca Princess Punch flavoured Ice Pops to promote Shrek The Third on DVD. These were marketed as being healthy.

Fullhead Shrek Mask

I guess this is exactly how it should it look, but something always bothers me with the how eyes get cut out on masks.

Shrek The Third Kellogg’s Inflatable Boogie Boards

Shrek the third Kelloggs boogie board

In the US, there was a promotion for certain Kellogg’s products that could get you a Shrek inflatable boogie board. I don’t know anyone who would want to go boogie-boarding around a swamp, but if it’s free I’ll take it I guess.

corn pops frosted flakes apple jacks 2007 shrek promotion

This promotion included Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks.

Shrek X Revolution Makeup Shadow Palettes

I don’t buy makeup, but if I did, I probably wouldn’t be aiming for Lord Farquaad vibes.

Silver Chase Variant Figures

I generally like chase variants of action figures, but redoing such detailed figures in silver gives these toys less play value than the regular common versions. I’d much prefer the regular versions of these.

Shrek 2 Rotten Root Canal Play-Doh Game

shrek 2 rotten root canal play doh game

This seems to be some sort of dentist-themed game involving drilling, brushing and pulling out Shrek’s teeth. It’s kind of gross and upsetting to look at.

Shrek The Third Toothbrush Holder

Given the “gross-out” theme of other Shrek merchandise, I found a toothbrush set surprising. Who wants teeth like Shrek? The box says “No more swamp breath!” which I suppose is on-brand. I know a lot of random licenses have included similar toothbrush sets over the years, but for some reason, Shrek just seems strange to me.

Shrek Colgate Battery Powered Toothbrush

The frequency of toothbrushing with this product will certainly exceed the Shrek.

Shrek Gingerbread Torture Rack Diorama

I mean. This is kind of cool and is aimed at 13+ audiences, but I feel like in 2001, most cool teens probably weren’t buying Shrek playsets. I know I was still buying Star Wars figures at that time and age, but I can’t imagine how popular this would have been. I do kind of like it though, but it’s just so strange.

Shrek Lord Farquaad Mascot with Detachable Head

I actually love how obscure this is for a Shrek action figure, a character with only a tiny bit of screen time, with a prop representing the big line for the rides at Duloc, parodying Disney theme parks. I’m not sure why kids would care for this, but I like it. what I don’t like though is the big Shrek fingers on the front fo the packaging.

Shrek Barbie

When I heard there was a “Shrek Barbie” I was expecting a Princess Fiona human or even an ogre doll, but no, it’s a regular Barbie wearing Shrek merch and Shrek ears. I feel like they could have tried a bit harder here for this to not be an easy cash grab.

Blockbuster Exclusive Princess Fiona Doll

Shrek 2 2004 8 inch Vinyl Fiona Princess Doll BlockBuster

Ok, this is more what I was expecting from a “Shrek Barbie doll” however, this Blockbuster exclusive doll, which launched at $7.99 USD was not made by Mattel and was likely lower in quality than a Barbie-branded doll would have been.

Shrek Bratz Doll Yasmin

Bratz DreamWorks Shrek Yasmin Doll With Box Lip Gloss 2006 Ears

Something about “The only girls with a passion for fashion” wearing Shrek-themed clothes with a Shrek handbag really upsets me. At least it comes with a bonus Shrek Lip Gloss and ear headband.

Shrek The Third – Flashing Ring Shrek Face

Who would want a flashing ring of Shrek’s face? I think this just really shows they would slap his face on anything.

Shrek Out of Control Triplets

In 2007, baby dolls were created for Shrek’s triplets. I guess they are kind of cute but kinda bad too.

Shrek’s Shower Playset

McFarlane Shrek toys are very good quality and highly detailed, but who wanted a toy of Shrek in his shower?

Shrek 2 Bobby Labonte Two Pack

We don’t really follow Nascar in Australia, so this is such a strange combo for me.

Shrek Eggo Waffes Limited Edition

Shrek Eggo Limited Edition

We don’t get Eggo Waffles in Australia, so I’ve never had them, but these appear to have pictures of Shrek characters on them.

Shrek & Over The Hedge Plug it in & Play TV Games

I’ve never been a fan of Plug & Play TV games, but as you might expect, the joystick on this has little Shrek ears, which are probably not ergonomic at all.

Shrek TV

The Shrek TV was sold in Canada in the mid-2000s and became a popular meme in recent years as being the optimal way to experience certain films and video games. The 3D ears and matching remote really make this stand out.

Shrek x Crocs

The ultimate in tackiness, these recent Shrek x Crocs slippers are surprisingly popular and are all over eBay currently.

Shrek 2 Inflatable Chair (Again!)

No, this isn’t a duplicate or error, this is another Shrek 2 inflatable chair. Why did this film need two inflatable chairs to be created? Maybe different countries?

Shrek 2 Green Twinkies

“Ogre green creamy filling, same great taste” – I guess these were just regular-tasting Twinkies but green. This was to promote Shrek 2 on DVD and video.

Easy-Bake Shrek 2 Ogre-Tastic Wedding Cake Bake Set

I’m not very familiar with Easy Bake products, but I’m sure a lot of adults have bought this set for their own Shrek-themed weddings.

Shrek 2 LCD Keychain Game by Techno Source

Techno Source made not one but several LCD games for Shrek 2.

Shrek 2 Watch and Carabiner Lunchbox Set

This is another set with multiple timepieces, this time as a carabiner and it’s in a mini lunchbox.

Shrek 2008 Amulet Medallion Coins

These are an interesting relic. These came with Shrek’s Quests magazines.

Shrek’s Quests Magazines

Shreks Quest Magazine

Who knew Shrek had his own magazines? These came with the amulets shown above.

Shrek & Fiona Christmas Snowglobe

What does Shrek have to do with Christmas? I wonder if this came out before or after Shrek the Halls (2007)? It looks older than that.

Shrek Limited Edition Eggo Waffles

“In the morning, I’m making waffles” – Donkey. I guess this actually makes a lot of sense as a cross-promotion.

Kid Cuisine Shrek-ified Mac & Cheese

We didn’t have Kid Cuisine meals in Australia, but I’d probably have wanted to try this if were a kid at the time they came out.

Kid Cuisine Shrekified Chicken Breast Nuggets

I think I’d have liked the Mac and Cheese better.

Shrek Bubble Bath Figurines

shrek shampoo bottles

These look surprisingly fragile.

Shrek Heinz Blastin Green EZ Squirt Ketchup


A sealed bottle of the above seems to have sold for $150 USD recently on eBay so that’s pretty wild. this would be truly iconic to those who grew up with it.

Shrek Nesquik Green Apple Swamp Juice

This was popular in the US and South American countries. There are many petitions online to bring this product back.

Shrek Dog/Cat Costumes

Rubies has created this Shrek Halloween Costume for pet dogs and cats. This is pretty ridiculous-looking, but pretty cute.

McFarlane Shrek Dragon Figure

There is nothing particularly strange about this high-detail figure Dragon figure from Shrek. It’s really impressive. I am still puzzled why such a high-quality brand like McFarlane was used for this franchise.

Shrek Hotwheels Character Cars

Mattel’s Hotwheels has numerous cars styled after popular franchises, such as Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many more.

Shrek Forever After Memory Game

This isn’t unusual in itself but is just a very generic and easy-to-publish cash grab

Shrek Fairy Tale Fugitives Mini Figures

This isn’t weird in any way, but I appreciate that some of the background characters get represented here, such as the 3 little pigs, Snow White, the 3 blind mice etc.

Pillsbury Shrek 2 Toaster Strudels

shrek 2 toaster strudel 2002 pillsbury

The Pillsbury Limited Edition Shrek 2 Toaster Strudels are “Ogre Cherry” with green ogre icing on top.

Inflatable Chester Cheetah Holding Shrek Cheetos

I guess this would have been a store promotional item to promote Shrek Cheetos that would make your tongue go green, despite appearing like regular Cheetos. These were part of the Shrek 3 promotions.

Brunswick x Shrek Bowling Balls

Brunswick has produced multiple Shrek bowling balls, including this one which has Fiona as a human on one side and as an Ogre on the other.

MGA Transforming Kung-Fu Fiona Doll Figure Toy Ogress to Princess

This doll from 2007 allows you to transform Fiona back and forth from a human to an ogre. This reminds me of a Beauty and the Beast doll for the Beast that I had as a kid who did something similar.

Scary Shrek Keyboard

I think this is what John Carpenter uses to compose his Halloween film scores.

Bachmann Shrek Christmas HO Scale Electric Train Set

Bachmann is a top brand for scale model train products. I’m a big fan of HO scale model train layouts, but can’t really picture the typically older demographic who normally buys these trains wanting Shrek-themed carriages on their HO layout.

Shrek Kinder Surprise

These Kinder Surprise toys are cute. Below is a big promotional display.

shrek kinder surprise diorama

Shrek Halloween Bag Basket

Shrek 2004 Easter Halloween Bag Basket

Shrek Multi-Game Mayhem

The games on this look like they would run on old Nokia phones. Total garbage by MGA Games.

Shrek Monopoly

Monopoly is a terrible board game that licenses every property imaginable, so of course Shrek’s here.

7-Eleven Sierra Mist Shrek-A-Licious Slurpee

Credit to Dinosaur Dracula for this image, check out The Purple Stuff Podcast, which is full of content that anyone who got this far into this article would be able to appreciate.

Shrek 2 Totino’s Pizza Rolls

shrek 2 pizza rolls totinos

I can’t really tell what this has to do with Shrek, I think ti’s regular Totino’s Pizza Rolls with some kind of freebie but it’s too blurry for me to be sure.

Shrek McDonald’s Toy with Baby

I actually have this toy, it seems really weird that he has his baby covering up his shield. I’m not sure if it’s relevant to a film or not, but it kinda seems like he is using the baby as protection.

Shrek Swamp Party DVD Game

Remember when DVD games were a thing? You’d all pass around the DVD remote and play trivia or other simple games. Too bad if you’re over 107 years old though.

Shrek clay mask

This mask released in 2016, mainly functions to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, although the color is very similar to Shrek’s bathwater

Shrek x Lush

Lush launched a series of Shrek products in 2024, including perfume, face masks, bath bombs, and goo-based body washes. This is perfect for recreating the scene where the Gingerbread man loses his legs.

Shrek 2 DreamWorks Disposable Camera

Remember disposable cameras? Those are a blast from the past.

Shrek Basketball

Besides the collection value, I think using this basketball to shoot can be a great way to humiliate your opponent and distract them (and possibly your teammates as well).


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