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Cadbury is one of the most beloved chocolate brands, but how much do you know about these delicious treats? You’ll find that the company do have a rather interesting history so we’ve compiled some interesting facts and answered the most common questions in one comprehensive article. So whether you’re a chocolate connoisseur or just curious about this classic confection, keep reading to satisfy your sweet tooth.

What Is Cadbury Chocolate and Where Did It Come From?

Cadbury Chocolate is a brand of chocolate produced by the British confectionery company Cadbury. The company began in 1824 when John Cadbury opened a grocery store in Birmingham, England and began selling a variety of chocolates. From there, the brand has grown to become one of the most recognisable names in chocolate worldwide.

Over the years, their products have taken on many different forms, from luxury bars of pure cocoa to tasty treats for children like Flake and Dairy Milk. Whether you’re enjoying a bar straight from the wrapper or baking up something special with melted Cadbury Chocolate, it’s no wonder why this brand is so beloved around the world today.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Cadbury Chocolate Products Available Today?

With over 170 years of experience in production, Cadbury Chocolate has earned its place as one of the most beloved and renowned chocolate brands in the world. You’ve probably tried their classic Dairy Milk bars. They also offer a wide variety of products that include Boost, Crunchie and numerous varieties of eggs like Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs and Caramilk.

Why Do People Love Cadbury Chocolate So Much?

Many people would agree that Cadbury Chocolate has a unique quality that sets it apart from other brands. This is mainly due to the fact that its recipe has been perfected over decades of passionate craftsmanship. The combination of creamy cocoa, roasted nuts, and sweet caramel fillings makes for an unforgettable taste experience.

FAQ – Some of the Most Common Questions About Cadbury Chocolate

Who Owns Cadbury?

Cadbury Chocolate is owned by Mondelez International, an American multinational confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate.

Is Cadbury Australian?

No, although Cadbury is popular in Australia it was actually founded in Birmingham, England by the grocer John Cadbury.

Are Cadbury and Nestle the Same Company?

No, Cadbury and Nestle are two separate companies. Nestle is a Swiss multinational food and beverage company while Cadbury is owned by Mondelez International.

Who is the girl in the Cadbury Advert

In the iconic advert, Mum’s Birthday Leah Stancliffe played a heartwarming role as the little girl buying her mother Cadbury chocolate using trinkets.

Where Is Cadbury Chocolate Made?

Cadbury Chocolate is made at factories all over the world, including in Canada, India, Indonesia and Australia.

Why Does Cadbury Chocolate Taste Different in Australia?

Cadbury Chocolate in Australia is made with a different recipe than the original found in England, which leads to its unique flavour. This is due to the regulations of importing British ingredients and the preference for a sweeter taste in Australia.

Is the Cadbury Factory Still Open in Tasmania?

Yes, the Cadbury Factory in Claremont, Tasmania is still in operation and has been producing some of Australia’s favourite chocolates since 1921.

Where Is the Cadbury Factory in Tasmania?

The Cadbury Factory in Tasmania is located in Claremont, a suburb of Hobart. The factory produces some of Australia’s favourite chocolates, including the iconic Dairy Milk bar.

Can You Visit the Cadbury Factory in Tasmania?

Yes, you can visit the Cadbury Factory in Tasmania for a unique chocolate experience. The factory offers guided tours and tastings where visitors can learn about the history of Cadbury and see how their chocolates are made.

Can You Visit Cadbury Factory Ringwood?

Yes, the Cadbury World in Ringwood is open to visitors. It offers guided tours, interactive experiences and plenty of chocolate samples.

Is Cadbury Easter Egg Chocolate Different?

Yes, Cadbury Easter Eggs are made with a special recipe. They feature a blend of Cadbury Milk Chocolate and deliciously creamy Caramel.

What Is Cadbury Drinking Chocolate?

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate is an instant hot chocolate mix that can be enjoyed as an indulgent beverage. It is made with real cocoa powder and sugar and is consumed mainly on winter days.

What Is a Cadbury Moro?

A Cadbury Moro is a classic Australian candy bar made with thick and rich Milk Chocolate and chewy Caramel.

How Many Squares of Chocolate in a Cadbury Block 180G?

The 180g Cadbury Block contains 24 squares of chocolate, and each row typically includes 6 squares.

How Many Calories in a 180G Block of Cadbury Chocolate?

A 180g block of Cadbury Chocolate contains about 1,080 calories.

How Many Calories in a Cadbury Easter Egg?

A Cadbury Easter Egg typically contains about 400 calories.

Does Cadbury Use Palm Oil?

Cadbury does use palm oil in some of their products. Palm oil is used to give certain products a smoother texture and to help maintain freshness. Cadbury is committed to sourcing its palm oil sustainably in order to reduce the environmental impact of production.

Where Does Cadbury Source Its Cocoa?

Cadbury sources its cocoa from a variety of countries, including Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire and India. The company works with cocoa farmers to produce high-quality cocoa while supporting sustainable farming practices.

Does Cadbury Hot Chocolate Have Caffeine?

Yes, Cadbury Hot Chocolate does contain caffeine. The amount of caffeine in a cup of Cadbury Hot Chocolate varies depending on how much mix is used, but it typically contains between 10 and 20mg of caffeine.

Is Cadbury Drinking Chocolate Vegan?

No, Cadbury Drinking Chocolate is not suitable for vegan diets as it contains milk powder.

Is Cadbury Chocolate Gluten-Free?

Yes, many of Cadbury’s chocolate products are gluten-free. However, some may contain traces of wheat from shared production lines, so it is important to check the ingredients list on the product packaging before consumption.

Is Cadbury Caramilk Gluten-Free?

Yes, Cadbury Caramilk is gluten-free and does not contain any wheat or gluten ingredients as there is no known cross-contamination.

Is Cadbury Drinking Chocolate Gluten-Free?

Yes, Cadburys drinking chocolate is technically Gluten-Free but be careful as it may be made in an environment where other Gluten products are produced.

Are Cadbury Eggs Gluten-Free?

Yes, Luckily most of Cadbury’s easter egg ranges are safe for those sensitive to gluten, although most of the range might have some risk of cross-contamination. Always double-check before consumption.

Are Cadbury Flakes Gluten-Free?

Yes, as the ingredients don’t contain Gluten but the products are made in an environment that may cause cross-contamination with Gluten.

Is Cadbury Halal?

Yes, Cadbury chocolate is Halal certified. They have been approved for sale in markets across the Middle East and can be consumed by Muslims.

Does Cadbury Use Child Labour?

Cadbury takes great care to ensure that there are no children working on any of their cocoa farms or in any part of the production process. The company has strict ethical policies and is constantly monitoring the situation in all its cocoa-producing regions.

Is Cadbury Dairy Milk Fairtrade?

Yes, Cadbury Dairy Milk is Fairtrade certified and the company has been supporting farmers in developing countries since 2008.

Is Cadbury Ethical?

Yes, Cadbury takes ethical responsibility seriously and has a set of principles in place to ensure that their products are made in a responsible way. This includes sourcing ingredients responsibly, ensuring all workers are treated fairly and reducing their environmental impact through sustainable practices.


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