A to Z of Marketing

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A is for AAA business names, from the era of phonebooks
B is for bar charts, and positive outlooks
C is for cost per click, interaction, conversion
D’s for digital, direct mailing, diversion
E’s for embossing, a sensory marketing trick
F is for focus groups, learn what makes people tick
G is for Google, whose AdWords cost money
H is for humour, and what people find funny
I is for influencers, social celebs
J is for jargon, big words many dread
K is for KPI, so you know how you’re doing
L is for logo, infringe ours and we’re suing!
M’s for millenial, a term oft abused
N is for nineties kids, their memes overused
O is for opportunity, of which we take advantage
P is for prospect, which we nurture and manage
Q is for Quals and Quants, and all your research wants
R is for ROI, an investment response
S for sensory, sight, sound, feel and such
T for tactile, for those who like touch
U is for USP, make it clear to consumers
V is for value, which can be based on rumors
W is for Word of Mouth, referral at its basest
X is for xenophobia, some consumers are racist
Y is for you, the most powerful pronoun
And Z is for zealot, evangelist showdown!

Marketing’s a rich science and art
Based on knowledge, and wisdom, gut instinct, and heart
And science, and data, and maths irrefutable,
As well as segments, and research, and models computable
Whether you learned in the real world or college
Wherever you happened to pick up your knowledge
These ABCs, the four Ps, (or seven)
And every case study accession
Study and practice, learn it all well
And with a small touch of luck, your products will sell.

© David Frank 2018

Inspired by the The Gashlycrumb Tinies and The A-Z of Epidemiology.

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Written by David Frank

David Frank is a Seattle-based marketer, writer (co-founder of Good/Bad Marketing) and public speaker. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, he has also lived in the UK, Japan and Vietnam. He has a Master of Science in Marketing degree from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.

He tours talks on marketing for the general public. His current talks are:
- Dangerous Products: The History and Present of Products NOT Safe to Consume
- Sensory Marketing and the Subtle Science of Packaging
- Sex, Love & Marketing: How To Market Yourself On Online Dating Sites​
- How to Market Tobacco (Despite Those Pesky Advertising Bans)
Learn more at http://www.thedavidfrank.com/talks.html

In his spare time, David is an avid gardener. https://instagram.com/seattlefoodgardener

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