What’s in an Antler?

What do deers have to do with beer?

Every time I pass this sign in Seattle, I think of something that I am pretty sure the proprietors of this small business were not going for. In fact, they’re going for the exact opposite.

Honest Buck Accounting sign

Maybe it’s the years in tactile marketing, focusing on hands, but every time I see the sign for this accountancy firm, the antlers remind me of the Mr Burns’ perched fingers gesture. Eeeexcellent. On an emotional level, I fear this business. Irrationally, I associate it with “evil”.

Mr Burns with his hands perched
If only this character had a catchphrase or something.

I also associate the vertically stretched typography on a black background with “pinstripe suit”, “corporate” and “filthy lucre. For me, image association and symbolism gone wrong

When I showed this to a friend, they said the logo and text made them think of an independent beer. Seattle is a center of craft beer, so I can see why. Deer = nature = manliness. And yes, there are breweries who use this in their logo!

Wild Beer Company logoKeith's Brewery logo

Manantler Craft Brewing Co logo
Anyone else see a sinister hand?
There is plenty of increasingly ridiculous deer-themed drinking paraphernalia too!

Deer antler bottle opener
Bottle opener

Deer antler beer taps
Beer taps

Drinking from a plastic deer antler
Ever wanted to be lectured on the differences between a horn (hollow) and antler (solid)? Buy this Viking beer antler for a biologist friend!


Then we hit products that love the portmanteau of Deer + Bear = Beer.
Jackalopes, eat your heart out.

A beer logo with a bear with antlers
Anderson Valley Brewing Company feature a bear with deer antlers in their logo.
Deer Bear = Beer Shirt
Shirt for sale
Deer Beer mounted
Mounted deer head made out of beer boxes that started with a viral TikTok video.


Or just look up Beer Deer on Etsy.

So there you have it. Antlers = beer in America for some reason.

…And cute accessories for your pet.

Cat wearing a deer antler hat

What do you think?

Written by David Frank

David Frank is a Seattle-based marketer, writer (co-founder of Good/Bad Marketing) and public speaker. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, he has also lived in the UK, Japan and Vietnam. He has a Master of Science in Marketing degree from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.

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In his spare time, David is an avid gardener. https://instagram.com/seattlefoodgardener

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