How to Market to Cruise Ship Passengers

how to market to cruise ships

Ahoy! Your cruise ship can begin sailing anytime soon. You’re so hyped about the fact that you’re going to host parties again, attend to various types of individuals from around the world, and sail the seas going from one state to another. Cruise ships have become a growing economy in the last decades and everyone seems to be drawn to it; from mingling with other people and going around the cities, who could not love it, right?

But passengers? Where the heck are your passengers? They keep the boat on sailing and if you don’t have any, you might be shutting down your ship anytime soon. This would mean your ship might be sinking like the Titanic, and you would not want that to happen. Oh, noes!

Hence, marketing your cruise ship is non-argumentative, so you can boost your presence and promote your business to people.

How to smooth sail

Marketing a cruise ship is not done overnight. You have to make time and spend your resources and efforts to attract customers. This entails doing advertisements, handling brochures, and even making your sponsored page so you can reach various individuals worldwide.

Social Media Presence

With this, you must make sure to promote your amenities and services and let people know why your cruise ship is one of the best in the world. Creating something fun, enjoyable, and adventurous should be your top priority, as this is typically why people will avail such a service. Hence, it is different from retail products because you will not sell a tangible thing; nonetheless, you are selling the experience of being able to get inside your cruise ship.

To make it easier and concise for you, you can take note of these things to make your cruise ship reach and turn promotions into probable sales:

Social Media

The social media platform has been very beneficial for us nowadays. Aside from personal accounts, businesses can now make their page in less than 5 minutes to promote their products and services. Hence, it is also of great advantage for cruise ship businesses to engage their marketing strategies on various social media sites for more presence and audience reachability.

But how can you do this?


This type of marketing creates a notion for potential clients to avail of your cruise ship service. This would mean that cruise ship businesses must offer discounts for their clients, making sure they are drawn to the affordability of the service but not mitigating their experience. People are so fond of discounts as they will always think that they are getting more from the bargain.

However, it must be taken into account that discounts should not diminish your net profit; so be sure to offer the most affordable price but still create a way for your business to earn from the sale.

Raffles and Giveaways

Letting some clients have a free stay at your cruise ship will not hurt. Once you get a lot of passengers already, a small number of people can avail of a free stay without affecting much of your profit.

You may host giveaways and raffles by hosting a draw in a way that possible customers should like and share your page. Other businesses also require users to tag friends in their posts like on Instagram or Facebook. This would create a surge of shares and likes on your business page, making way for a greater social media presence and reaching out to potential clients as well.

Social Media presence goes a long way. Trust us!

Affiliate Networks

You might also want to reach out to affiliate networks to boost up your marketing game. Affiliate Networks are very efficient in reaching out to blogs and frequently visited websites, so they can click on one keyword which then redirects them to your website.

Still, it is with no hesitation to make your website a convenient one, where people can easily navigate to your tabs and see what your cruise ship can offer. You may even post the promotions and giveaways on your homepage so they will be enticed to share your business with their families and friends.

Nevertheless, your website and pages should highlight the benefits your cruise ship can offer. But one key takeaway for this would be to appear luxurious and dreamy, where people may feel like VIPs; emphasize the advantages and the fun they will be getting into once they set their foot on your ship.

Before anything else, you should be able to accommodate as many passengers as you can. For you to get your ship fully booked and smooth sailing, it is a must to market your ship, however small or big it might be. But how would you be able to do this? Are you going to call passengers on board on the spot? Of course, not!


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