Brand New Roman – A font of corporate logos

corporate logo font spelling out "look at all these corporate logos"

Most marketers are at least vaguely interested in typography. My favorite new discovery firmly aligns my interest in both – a font called Brand New Roman, which is based on popular logos.

good bad marketing brand new romanIt’s better for short words, but still fun. Notice that some double letters have a matching logo, like the use of the Mastercard logo for “oo” in “Good”.
Go ahead and try it yourself. Unfortunately the only browser it works in color for is Firefox.

Then there’s this classroom which uses logos and company names to teach children the alphabet. The replacement of everyday objects and animals is a little dystopian, like something you’d expect to see in Idiocracy (trailer) or read about in hyper-capitalist dystopian future fiction novel Jennifer Government.

Classroom ABCs
“A is for Applebees, who have 50% off burgers this week”


Fonts can be used for activism too, like Gerry, a font made up of gerrymandered districts*.

gerrymandered alphabet 800px
You probably don’t want to write to your member of congress to complain about this in this font though.


And lets not forget you can spell things out with app logos on your phone. Perhaps even subconsciously…

Rick & Morty image
Credit: Reddit

* A few of those aren’t actually gerrymandered districts, but most are. Who ever let that get in the way of a good story?

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Written by David Frank

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