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Since writing my previous article on Australia’s best discount & loyalty apps, I’ve discovered that both Flybuys and BWS’s apps have added holiday-themed minigames that you can play each day to earn bonus rewards and discounts. This has proven to be a strong way to build brand loyalty and to get people coming back to these apps far more often than they normally would.

These games in the apps will only be available for a short while in November/December 2020, so I’m going to document them as future inspiration for anyone looking to add some minigames or random chance games into their apps in order to encourage daily usage and build brand loyalty.

The FlyBuys “Shake ‘N’ Shop” Christmas App

Of these two apps, this one is far more interactive and is actually a game rather than pure chance. You get up to 3 attempts to play this game per day, where you ultimately choose 1 extra bonus Fly Buys Rewards booster for the product or store of your choice.

How to Access Shake N Shop on the FlyBuys App

flybuys shake to play main menu

On the home screen of the FlyBuys app, there is a little “Shake to play” button pinned to the right-hand side. Simply tap on this to get started.

flybuys shake to play start page

When you first open the game, you get a choice to read the instructions or play the game. There is a reminder that you have 3 turns left to play today. This refers to how many times you get to redo the game. Ultimately you only get to select 1 prize per day, so if you choose to keep something on your first turn, you do not get additional turns. This wasn’t clear to me originally, but I didn’t read the instructions before playing the first time.

How to Play Flybuys Shake N Shop Game

flybuys shake to play instructions

I’ve only played this by tilting my phone. I tried to use my finger the first time but couldn’t get it to work and now I’m just happy to use the title mechanic. You have to move your head to dodge the Christmas cracker jokes and get the crowns that contain prizes. If you hit a cracker, it prevents you from being able to obtain crowns for a few seconds. Avoid these and get as many crowns as you can then after the game you can choose if you want to keep the prize or try again (total of up to 3 games per day).

flybuys shake n shop gameplay

Here’s a screenshot of the gameplay, you control the little brown-haired person at the bottom of the screen who tilts on the left and right axis. You have to make the crowns hit your head whilst avoiding the “hahaha!!” joke cracker strips. You get 30 seconds to collect as many different prizes as possible.

jolly good flybuys app

In this instance, I seized 6 offers.

Claim an Offer or Play Again?

choose your prize flybuys

You can then select from the prizes you collected. You can claim only 1. If you don’t like any of these, you can try again.

huzzah flybuys

This is the screen you see after choosing an offer.

How to Access Activated Offers

flybuys activated offers

Your selected Flybuys offer will now appear with the rest of your collection of activated offers.

BWS 100 days of Summer App Game

This app is pure chance and all you do is wipe away ice by erasing it with your finger. I’ve had bad odds on this.

bws app main menu

Simply click the “Play Now” button to get started. You’ll notice how many people have won prizes so far (mostly discounts), this number is always ticking over. It makes it feel exciting with good odds! I’ve had less luck than 1 in 3 as it advertises.

bws cooler app


Just click the “open your cooler today” button.

How to Play the BWS 100 Days of Summer Game

swipe the ice bws app

You start off viewing an eski full ice. You simply just rub your finger around, which removes the ice.
swiping ice in 100 days of summer

In this instance, I am not a winner. There is just a hole at the bottom of the esky. It’s effectively like doing a scratchy ticket. This isn’t really a game of skill at all like the other game featured.



The message “Sunofabeach!” appears if you lose.

check in again tomorrow bws app

Afterwards, you see a message reminding you to come back tomorrow. It reminds you to use any prizes you’ve won so far, such as “BWS Brand Bucks” which are coupons to use in a special way.


So far, I’ve only had a $3 off coupon. These are stored in a special section of the app and must be used within 7 days.

daily count

The main screen also shows how many days you have a “streak” of gameplay usage. There is also a tally to see how many times you’ve used the BWS Brand Bucks.

How to get more turns in the BWS Cooler Game

The stats in the previous screenshot are important. By playing this game daily, you get an extra turn every day you play consecutively. If you forget a day, you will have to start your streak all over again.

You also get another turn if you use 3 of the bucks deals across 3 separate orders. This seems like a harder way to earn extra turns as delivery on each order is $10 and unless some of these orders are seriously good, I’m not sure how worthwhile this is for most people. For more information on this check the terms and conditions in the app.


Whilst I think the Flybuys app is much better than the BWS app in terms of fairness and prizes, it is worth looking at both if you work in marketing and you’re considering doing something similar.

What do you think?

Written by Keith Nallawalla

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