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Going inside a restaurant, we often have choices of food either on the counter or handed to us. We even get confused with the food choices, given that there’s a lot and we don’t know what to pick. However, restaurants do not just put random food choices on their menu. It is carefully planned, so it would be efficient for them to prepare them without you waiting for hours just to get the food that you want.

Menu planning is the process wherein a restaurant plans what type of food to place on the menu. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, all are carefully picked and categorized to provide you with the dietary needs you need for a given span of time. Food and beverage industries also are determined how the management and success will be, as differences in food can also mean differences in the skills on serving each variety.

Objectives for menu planning are as follows:

Meet Nutritional Needs

Making food should not only mean that it is tasty; it should also meet the dietary needs of every customer you have. You ought to consider what type of food is essential and often eaten by most people. For instance, your breakfast menu should include eggs, bread, and even bacon. Nevertheless, everything that is usually eaten at a certain time depends on your geographical location.


Profit Margins are not only determined by how many customers you have, but also the initial cost of food and how you can price them. You may start off by giving a varied menu, but initially using the same ingredients for each. Hence, a great way to simplify the purchase of ingredients to cut costs but still price them as justifiable and profitable as possible. This also entails that you don’t need to have a lot of storage space, because you will be using the same ingredients for them.

Minimize Expenses and Save Time

Cutting on overhead expenses provides you with fewer costs and thus increases profit in the long run. You can do this by preparing batches of ingredients in single cooking, so you won’t have to cook them per serving. This will cut cooking costs by cooking them per batch on a single burner.

Consequently, when ordering or buying ingredients, make sure to also budget how much is used for a week. This will lessen fuel or producer delivery costs as well as you won’t have to order every day. However, it is also necessary to know the shelf life of the ingredients; serving the food with not-so-fresh ingredients can ruin customer satisfaction.

Food Quality

As people have a preference in food tastes, it is also suggested to have a taste test first. You may have your friends and staff do this and rate the dish, so you will have raw opinions on what your food tastes like. Being able to handle constructive criticisms on your dish is essential so you can satisfy different target markets in your food and beverage business.

Dictate Staffing

Staffing is a key component when planning your menu. As all the dishes are not created single-handedly, you should make sure that every personnel, be it front or back, has their fair share of responsibilities. You may have one or two staff to create the sauces and chop the ingredients, other staff to cook the steak, and others to roll call the orders. This will increase productivity as they will be focused on what they should do, rather than taking orders per staff.

Menu planning is one of the most important aspects to keep your food and beverage business going. Your menu is the reason why clients come to your place, so crucial to plan it to satisfy every need of your customer. Furthermore, it isn’t just about the food and drinks you serve, it also means knowing what to do to get the necessary ingredients, cut costs, and produce the food as systematically as possible.

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