Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

affiliate marketing

With the rise in product promotions online in this globalized era, more companies lean on strategies that can boost marketing and convert sales thereafter. Businesses now also rely on marketing with third parties, as they deem it necessary to gain brand identity and online presence. Perhaps the best marketing strategy nowadays, affiliate marketing creates a platform for businesses to build partnerships, which in turn pools their target markets’ loyalty to them.

Maybe you’ve browsed through social media and happen to see sponsored ads and even pop-ops that just appear out of the blue. These platforms initiate a certain feel for clients where they would be curious about what a certain product is and how it works. As they create a way for a brand to be seen, it enables brands to set their presence, create their identity, and be the top-of-mind for clients by the time they would need a product or service. Yet, it can also come as an annoying strategy for us.

Yet, the real question is: Is affiliate marketing dead?

Businesses have relied on marketing affiliates for decades. Affiliate marketing has been a way to create traffic or leads to a company’s product or service, pooling in customers by paid ads on any online platform. It’s a convenient way for them to generate leads, without having the time and effort to always monitor them as the third party is doing the job for them. This means that as more and more people see your ads consistently, it will be undeniable for them not to know you as you extensively market your products and services without them asking for it.

Nevertheless, there is a downside to this. As sponsored ads are appearing too much on any online platform, people tend to get annoyed by how it distracts them from experiencing what they want on a certain website. Thus, marketing affiliates may have done a great part years ago, but it certainly is not the trend today. Yet, we cannot say that affiliate marketing is actually dead. Perhaps, it may be declining over the years, but a lot of people still use the system for their marketing strategy. Nevertheless, what’s the reason for its downturn?

Less Innovation

Pop-ups, sponsored and paid ads, and everything that comes right in front of your face without asking for it; affiliate marketing has been the same for recent years. The old and boring system has been stagnant, and there is nothing that excites customers anymore.

Limits Marketers

Affiliate marketing isn’t possible without its marketers. However, with the rising competition in the marketing arena, more and more affiliates are disappointed with how businesses can cut down costs without even prior notice. This creates an unstable partnership between two parties, leading to a way of unsatisfied marketers nowadays.

Too Much Competition

Again, there is too much competition going on. With this, thousands of affiliates are fighting for the top spot; and it’s just too much for them to handle, not to mention the uncertainty and the aimless direction the system will be going. It is not like before anymore where new affiliates are popping each week (now it’s just the total opposite).

Unfortunately, affiliate marketing has been declining. With competition, limitations, and the varied preferences from clients, affiliate marketers may not be able to keep up anymore. Thus, there may be some who endeavour the strategy, but without innovation and flexibility, there may be nothing much to discuss how it can guarantee customers and business mutually. Nonetheless, affiliate marketing should cope with new mechanisms; the world is ever-changing, so why stop changing for the better as well?


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Written by Aiza Day

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