How to Sell Meal Plans

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Product marketing is one of the best strategies to sell any product or service. With today’s digital world of products and marketing techniques, there is a great avenue for you to sell your products or services more conveniently.

But hey! You’re selling meal plans. How do you even start with selling them? Popular or still starting, worry not. You can follow these recommendations to sell your meal plans and reach an array of clients.

Jot down specifics

Meal plans vary per preference. Some might want a keto diet, some may opt for a calorie-deficit meal. Given the differences in meals, you must first identify specific meal plans and also consider who your target market is. You may start by selling keto diet plans for a month, and move on with another meal plan for the other. Meal preparations that target a specific market can help you identify where your clients are, so you can reach out to them and gain presence by the time they need your service.

Create your Products

Making your products is a great way to lure in clients. You just need to make them visually appealing and appetizing, as enticing meal plans create an inviting feel for your target market. Thus, as meal preparation is associated with food, make it colourful, lively, and healthy at the same time. By this, your clients will have a notion that your meal plans are not as bland as they thought it would be, and still look yummy even when they are cutting down on unhealthy food (let’s just agree that healthy food can be very tasteless).

Your Platform

The fast technique to market your products is to sell them online. Social Media and websites are great platforms for your target market to see you without any inconvenience. With this, it is necessary to create products that can be viewed conveniently by your possible clients; you may post appetizing pictures of food on your website, and even make a sample recipe for them to try making at home. Still, make your website or page easy to navigate to avoid dissatisfaction from your viewers.


One way to gain customer trust is to empathize with them. How more can you do it aside from making testimonies? You may gather clips from your previous clients and post videos or even text feedback from them; it should contain how effective, tasty, and easy to make your meal plans are. This creates a connection with your target clients and your product, converting sales in the future with fewer efforts.


Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your platform to be seen easily. You may use titles like, “Dessert Recipe for Sweet-toothed athletes”, or “Diet-Friendly recipes for those who cannot get enough of meat”. You can also do this by putting surveys on your website as to what your viewers want to have in line with their goals. SEO always goes a long way in boosting your presence.

…and oh, don’t forget to answer your clients’ queries as quickly as possible. Reachability creates trust and loyalty as well as satisfies clients when they can talk to you easily.

Now carry on. Your clients are waiting for you!

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