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I’ve seen a few of them before in my life. You probably have too. Business names that proclaim how good they are. E.g. “Good One BBQ Restaurant“, or “Good One Lunch Bar”. Personally, I thought I’d never found a business called “Good One”, thinking it weird and silly. I spoke to the owners of “Good One Lunch Bar” in Western Australia, and they did indeed confirm the idea was some customers might have the following conversation:
“Hey, lets go to the lunch bar to lunch.”
“Which one?”
‘The Good One.”
Yeah, I wasn’t that impressed either.

So why did we call the blog Good/Bad Marketing? The idea was the blog would be dedicated to reviewing and judging the good and bad marketing campaigns out there. And I think we’ve stuck to that premise more or less.

So no, we’re not passing judgement on ourselves. Well, not until we write a self-reflection post.

I do love Mee Sum Pastry though.

Mee Sum Pastry sign

(Seeing Mee Sum Pastry at Seattle’s Pike Place Market spurred me to write this post. See, inspiration is everywhere!)

What do you think?

Written by David Frank

David Frank is a Seattle-based marketer, writer (co-founder of Good/Bad Marketing) and public speaker. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, he has also lived in the UK, Japan and Vietnam. He has a Master of Science in Marketing degree from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.

He tours talks on marketing for the general public. His current talks are:
- Dangerous Products: The History and Present of Products NOT Safe to Consume
- Sensory Marketing and the Subtle Science of Packaging
- Sex, Love & Marketing: How To Market Yourself On Online Dating Sites​
- How to Market Tobacco (Despite Those Pesky Advertising Bans)
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In his spare time, David is an avid gardener.

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