Is Young Living a Pyramid Scheme?

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Essential oils are prevalent these days. They are used in diffusers, added to baths, and even recently, some influencers recommend these be ingested. With the rise in unverified natural remedies in the market, it’s important to have discernment before using these products as they may not always be beneficial to our health.

One essential oil company, Young Living has sparked controversy due to its products and has been labelled as a pyramid scheme. They have a multi-level marketing model that allows their members to earn commissions. Are these products beneficial? Let’s take a closer look at the company and examples to better understand if this is the case.

Background on Young Living

Young Living is a company that sells essential oils and other related products. Founded in 1994, they have become one of the world’s leading purveyors of natural essential oils and wellness products. In addition to their best-selling essential oils, they also offer diffusers, carrier oils, shampoo and conditioners, skin care products and nutritional supplements.

Why Do People Use Their Products?

People use Young Living essential oil products for many reasons. They claim to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation for better sleep or aromatherapy. Additional uses of essential oil products are to soothe dry skin, clear sinuses, and energise the body for general well-being, as well as respiratory problems, skin irritations or even digestive issues.

Is Young Living a Pyramid Scheme, and Why/Why Not?

Young Living is an interesting company that has sparked debate across the internet. On one side of the argument are those who claim Young Living is a classic pyramid scheme. They point to how incentives and bonuses are offered to those at higher levels in their sales program as evidence

However, when considering their business model closely, it becomes apparent that although they have a multi-level marketing approach, most of the money made by members comes from actual sales rather than commissions paid from recruiting others into the program. So while these practices are unconventional in the eyes of the public, they would better be categorised
as a direct selling organisation.

Litigation Issues and Marketing Claims

Young Living and other essential oil companies have had the issue of dealing with false marketing claims. These false claims include stating or implying that their products can cure, treat, or prevent any medical condition, including cancer, allergies, depression, anxiety, and more. Companies have been known to make such claims despite having no scientific evidence to back them up.

This kind of false advertising can be dangerous as it gives people false hope or leads them to use products that may not help their condition. It’s essential to do your research before using any kind of product and make sure the claims are backed up by evidence.

The Dangers of Essential Oils

Essential oils are a popular alternative to traditional medications and treatments, but it’s important to remember that many can be poisonous if swallowed. Despite the positive effects that some oils may provide when used as aromatherapy or as part of a massage, it is highly recommended that ingestion be avoided, as it can lead to serious health complications.

The Rising Trends Regarding Ingesting Essential Oils

Recently, influencer Fully Raw Christina has been promoting the consumption of essential oils to her followers and touting them as a natural remedy for various ailments. This type of messaging has sparked criticism among health professionals and can be potentially dangerous to those who follow it without further research.

The issue is that many of these influencers have a loyal fanbase who are likely to take their medical advice without question. This can lead to some issues as these social media personalities should at least have the medical qualifications to back these claims.

Examples of Fatal Cases

Ingesting essential oils can be dangerous and even fatal in some cases. Despite the popular trend of ingesting them, it is essential to remember that these products are not meant for consumption.

There have been reports of people consuming essential oils and suffering from serious health complications or even death. Ingestion of specific essential oils has caused issues such as liver damage, seizures, respiratory failure, coma and even death in extreme cases.

For instance, an 18-year-old woman died after taking peppermint oil capsules, leading to pulmonary edema in her lungs due to its menthol content. Similarly, a 20-year-old man suffered severe liver injury after consuming tea tree oil orally for 2 weeks straight, leading him to require hospitalisation and intensive care unit admission.

Caution should always be taken when considering using any essential oil product, both topically or internally, as they may lead to potentially life-threatening outcomes if misused or without proper supervision.

Medication Interaction

Many people need to realise that oils interact with medications, including prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. Both can be absorbed into the body creating risks if there is a possible interaction between them. Always inform your doctor about any new regimen integrating essential oils to avoid unpleasant reactions or side effects. Don’t let yourself be surprised by a medication safety warning when getting ready to fill a prescription.

Essential Oils Should Be Used With Caution

Essential oils are effective natural solutions to various ailments and disorders, but their usage requires caution due to the potential for serious and unexpected adverse side effects. Some of these effects include epileptic seizures, respiratory distress, renal failure and even death in some cases.

To ensure the utmost safety and efficacy of essential oils, these substances must be administered under the guidance of someone who has undergone specialised training in this area. Fortunately, numerous certified practitioners are available who are knowledgeable in the safe usage of essential oils and can help you get the most out of their profound benefits.

Consulting with an experienced aromatherapist or physician is the best way to ensure that you are utilising essential oils safely and effectively.

Final words

While it is clear that essential oils can be a powerful and effective natural remedy, they should always be used with caution. Be aware of the claims some companies make with their products, and remember that in most cases, they won’t always have solid evidence backing their claims.

In the case of Young Living, remember that, for the most part, these companies are concerned about selling their products, so be aware of marketing tactics. Don’t always take the advice of influencers on the internet. Make sure you have the proper knowledge and resources to gain the benefits these products offer and avoid potential risks.

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