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Travel vacation icons mixed screen on woman hand using smartphone to plan for long weekend.

As the fast-paced internet era has come to its full circle, marketing through various social media platforms creates a way for everyone to reach out to different market segments globally and gain an online presence in just one click. With millions of people accessing social media minute by minute, the flexibility of the internet in disseminating information has always been abrupt in creating sales, where companies are also exhausting a part of their resources in campaigning or advertising products and services.

Nevertheless, if you need to jumpstart and create visibility to your target markets in the hotel industry, you may do several things to lure them into booking a stay with you. But if you’re caught up with a lot of competitions that just seem unbeatable, take notes and do these social media campaigns to get those hotel bookings easier and faster.

Create Your Brand

The first thing you need to do is to create a page for your hotel. With Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and even TripAdvisor, you’ll have a lot of networks to create a page that has ample information on what your hotel can offer more than the others.

You may opt to have marketing materials like pictures and videos, and post in on your page to give your target a glimpse of what your hotel looks like; thus make it appealing and inviting, yet also detailed but not too wordy as most people who use social media nowadays hate reading (we’ve all been there).

Exclusive Deals

Promotions and discounts are very powerful to lure in market segments. If a hotel has discounts with the best amenities, your target market would eventually think they are getting more than what they paid for.

Have promotions on different social media sites and use affiliate networks to secure your hotel on the landing page, and utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so your page could climb to the top of the list when hotels in a particular place are being searched in Google. Nevertheless, promotions must always be done regularly or on holidays, as most clients prefer booking a hotel on varying dates – you can’t just have promotions once or twice a year. Whether new clients or returning clients, exclusive deals make them loyal to your hotel and have customer confidence as you give them the best service they could ever have against your competition.

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a great way to market your hotel. With thousands and even millions of followers on Youtube or Instagram, they can make your target market believe that your hotel is one of the best among the rest, through content that is welcoming and inviting for their viewers or followers.

With this, you may opt to dictate the best features of your hotel or hand a script to influencers, doing varieties of videos and pictures that sets your brand identity on another level. While at it, you need not forget to use travel and accommodation hashtags that are relevant to your hotel for better exposure. This marketing strategy is indeed timely nowadays, where the use of professional influencers generates quality content that leads to your business goals to convert followers to probable bookers while spreading brand awareness.

Post Highlights

If your hotel has a new feature, then don’t think twice and post it! Clients are typically pulled towards your hotel if you have new hotel features they can always count on.

Regardless if it’s a hotel space or an event area, posting the new features of a hotel makes it welcoming, where they can enjoy your amenities fresh and luxuries perfectly in line with what they are looking for. Consequently, never forget to use SEO for this, where the social media algorithm can feature your hotel before your competitors. Aside from this, you might also want to feature recent events in your place, highlighting the best parts of an event with the kind of atmosphere your target market is searching for; hence you may create and share events for better brand visibility all around social media.

Arrange Contests

Contests hosted for sharing and likes are also a way for you to market your hotel on social media.

You may host contests where markets can eventually share content for greater visibility, and they share it with friends and connect networks. Therefore, such contests are inevitably creating relevance and visibility for your hotel, and make sure the winners are based on the shares and likes with the posts they do for free.

From food, to trip packages, and hotels, there’s just a wide array of different industries that have benefited from social media campaigns. All the more, when everyone is on the internet for several hours a day, one could not help but wonder how they can pool clients when they have a better understanding of how social media works. Yet, the platform isn’t just about posts and seasonal boosting – it’s about making sure you’re being relevant while advertising a company that everyone would check out.


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