What is Mazda’s Marketing Strategy

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More than a century in the auto business, Mazda has grown into a global leader in innovation in the automobile industry. With its stylish and functional cars, the company has developed into a brand that’s getting noticed as years go by. Fueled by its objective to create an experience-centric from a company-centric marketing strategy, it has gained a noticeable impact on company sales and ceased to be removed from the top-most list of customer preferences when it comes to cars.

As Mazda still remains a competitive brand, it does not only imply how the car functions or how stylish it is that people tend to be drawn in purchasing the brand over the others. Its marketing strategy is also a huge part of its success, creating an approach that looks into the product, place, price, and promotion. With a lot of considerations going on with regards to how they market their brand to clients, one cannot help but wonder how they can still pull clients to achieve their business goals and objectives.

How do they entice clients to purchase their automobiles?

Going Digital

Most companies nowadays have shifted to marketing on various digital platforms. Not long ago, Mazda has been allocating its budget to television and newspapers, in the hopes to advertise its brand to prospective clients even more. Yet, because of the innovation of technology and how most demographics rely on digital marketing, marketing and doing ads on TV and newspapers has fallen short.

With Mazda acknowledging that the consumer landscape is now changing no matter the location, they have already jumped into a digital marketing strategy, improving their website and engaging with social media platforms to reach customers worldwide. Years ago, when the company exhausted its efforts on broadcast marketing, it was found that most consumers did not really go to physical dealership stores more than people who visit their stores digitally; and because broadcasting did not have many returns, they sought to improve their website in all locations as 75% of most car enthusiasts go online often.

Identifying Portfolios

In line with going digital, Mazda also made a way for them to be able to identify who their potential clients are. In contrary to companies doing mass marketing, they have specialized their marketing strategy into reaching out to potential buyers who share the same passion with what they are doing – building portfolios to enhance relationship building, and later on higher probability of sales for the company.

With their targets, Mazda partnered up with Oracle Data Management Platform, a cloud-based data platform where companies can personalize online and offline, and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more workable information about targeted audiences. The platform enables the company to see various clients in different places who have a higher chance of connecting and purchasing, and who hold the same enthusiastic approach as them when it comes to driving. This in turn makes it easier for Mazda to connect with them using a specialized and personal approach with regards to marketing their products.

Mazda on Social Media

We all know that social media has the highest client engagement of all digital platforms worldwide. Due to its innovation and the convenience, it provides for companies and individuals, Mazda also sees to it that they are also present in such.

Hence, Mazda also holds competitions on social networking sites, where winners will get prizes and rewards once they like and share about the brand. This boosts client participation, and the company can also benefit from its online presence. – Basically fostering mutual benefit for clients and the company as well.

Moreover, Mazda also promotes its new products on Youtube, making ads that show how the product experience can exceed client expectations. This enables the company to connect even more to clients, even just in a digital kind of advertising and marketing. Perhaps you remember their “Zoom zoom” slogan? That’s how you catch attention and give your clients the unconscious feeling of connection.


While this may be typical, Mazda still engages in sponsorships for shows on TV. May it be sports and prizes for TV competitions, they still seek to present themselves as a brand that is passionate about online and offline presence to increase brand awareness among clients.

For instance, North Melbourne Football Club where they are a major partner and also offers a special package of a new vehicle; Art Museum Australia where they help bring artworks of famous painters like Bocelli and Van Gogh; and Sydney Thunder where they also offered special vouchers and discounts for Mazda members…and a whole lot more.

Nevertheless, Mazda believes that sponsorships are an essential part of gaining visibility, which allows them to aim for specific demographics in order to execute sales, which also improves their reputation for success and refinement.

Mazda at Auto Expos

Mazda also does not fail to be part of auto expos where the company can show its products amidst the presence of other brands. With its competitive approach in the automobile market, they make sure that they are still visible for clients to consider and even hold test drives to a better client experience.

During auto expos, auto specifications are laid to potential customers for further engagement. Aside from this, Mazda’s presence in such expos creates opportunities to network, and collaborate with partners also in developing more specifications for future product releases, which will also benefit them later on.

Mazda still has years ahead of them. With a century of presence in the automobile industry, they have already devised a marketing strategy that captures customers with how it connects to them, even just digitally. Portfolio Management, digital marketing, and visibility —- what marketing strategy will they be doing in the future years ahead?

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