What is GoPro’s Marketing Strategy

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Amazing and adventurous times need to be capped in a single snap – getting and doing ecstatic things lets the adrenaline pump, and we could not help but deny that we just want to frame or take a video as much as we could.

One predominant camera brand, or maybe the best brand that is handy and awesome for many, is GoPro. Whatever model it may be, it has become the world’s number 1 brand for athletes and adventure seekers and continues to build a strong foundation for many. The brands’ popularity has become so irreplaceable that when we do something extreme, GoPros are basically a staple for capturing the moment. It enables the world to take pictures and share its passions (so as what the brand’s mission says) and has been consistently proven to deliver its mission seamlessly.

Yet, with the rising and almost indestructible brand foundation, GoPro is having today, its significance in going beyond limits has been embedded in our heads because of its marketing strategy. As a primary brand for self-capturing sports activities, the brand’s overall customer experience sets it on top of its imitating competitors. And just as original as it is, it enables people to celebrate and live more at the moment in just a handy gadget.

What made GoPro popular?

GoPro is original

Before GoPro was even released to the market, have you heard of a camera used for extreme sports to capture amazing moments? – We’re sure you haven’t.

GoPro’s originality in the digital camera market created a name for itself as a brand of the 21st century, that exceeds everyone’s expectations for a camera smaller than the palm of a hand that captures high-quality videos and photos. Consequently, its branding made a huge name for itself despite its size; it was smartly chosen and intended to be short, but still offers things that go beyond what we have imagined for cameras before.

All the more, it is also designed to be used for action sports, being an advantage that sets everyone off. From being handy to being waterproof, mountable, durable, and of high quality and efficiency, no one can deny that it’s, even more, better especially since most cameras back then were so fragile and can’t deliver their purpose well – not even it can withstand rain.

GoPro Keeps Customers in Mind

Before GoPro’s debut to the market, founder and surfer Nick Woodman was on a 5-month surfing trip to Australia. Because of the inconvenience of getting a camera on board and not capturing moments on the waves, he was excited to bring a product that’s out of the ordinary – a camera for all, most especially for those doing extreme sports in whatever venue they can be. Thus, he devised a camera that’s overly convenient, filling the gap in the camera market, where he could provide good equipment for people like him… and so history happened.

This was an essential part of GoPro’s marketing strategy, where they were able to target extreme sports enthusiasts who happen to have the same dilemma. As Woodman understood the assignment and put himself in the point of view of people like him, he happily delivered and bettered the experience when it comes to capturing moments that are arguably not possible to be pulled off before.

The GoPro Customer Experience

It’s always the mission of GoPro to further share moments conveniently. It sets customer experience on top of its marketing strategy, developing more versions of the camera to satisfy customer demands and needs.

Nonetheless, they have also incorporated the Channel to further move into worldwide audiences, creating more brand presence and popularity on the brand’s behalf. The Channel is a sophisticated version of Youtube, where users can share photos and videos on action-packed content to entice the possibility of buying their products. Hence, it emphasizes significantly the contents and not the product itself, delivering the experience to those that haven’t experienced the products yet. Nonetheless, the platform serves as a bridge of connection between users and soon-to-be users that eases the users to take their turn to the buying journey in the long run.

Customer Range

Initially, GoPros’s approach when it comes to marketing leans on adults doing extreme sports. However, this created a limited range of buyers, and not all are enticed where the product is primarily purposed.

By acknowledging the gap when it comes to its target market, GoPro has widened its shift not only to sports enthusiasts but to a variety of functions. May it be for everyday use, for kids’ activities, or even for vlogs and trips, the brand came to an approach where they can sell their products that appears beneficial to everyone. Accordingly, it’s essential for families and lifestyles and seeks to be a convenient way for documenting almost everything using a handy camera.

GoPro’s Product Innovation

It’s a no-brainer that most products are designed where they can improve. Every patent must be able to progress, catering to the needs of those who want to experience more and better what they have used to.

GoPro also associates its products with innovation, creating and developing cameras that are better than their previous inventions. From being lightweight to its sleek and sleek design from a rugged one, and better quality of videos and pictures, they never disregard to make the years ahead better for the brand and their customers. This marketing strategy instils a notion that their users may also participate with users that have a better experience with them, of course still with the better versions of cameras they are opening in the market.


GoPros Marketing strategy fits the needs of the 21st Century. It seeks to uphold its mission of creating moments, and capturing experiences, with the innovation in camera that surpasses everyone’s expectations. All the more, it caters to individuals and grows in strategy to create more for everyone, being a leading camera not only for extreme sports now, but also with lifestyle and being an essential part of every adventure everyone partakes in. GoPro indeed lets you be a hero and be the centre of your life’s amazing experiences – and that’s what the brand is about.

Photo by Luis Quintero: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-action-camera-2238334/


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Written by Aiza Day

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