My Mattel Creations Masters of the Universe Grizzlor Delivery

damaged grizzlor figure banner

The purpose of this blog post is so that I can show images to Mattel’s customer support as I cannot upload files, but I could still say a lot about this figure in general, so maybe I’ll update this article later when I’ve got some time.

Basically, this is the most damaged item I’ve ever received. I ordered 4 of the Made-To-Order Masters of the Universe Grizzlor figures back in September 2022 after missing out on the initial release which either sold out in seconds or perhaps I slept through it as these always drop at 3 or 4am in Australia. As usual, I ordered a few extra as my friend Pete and his friend ordered with me as well so that we save on postage.

repaired cardboard box 2

Yesterday I received a baffling-looking parcel from our PO Box, I thought it must have been something from eBay as it was packed so strangely with additional pieces of cardboard and paper taped to the sides. I thought it must have been the last box some local seller had that fit my order. But no, when I opened it… I was shocked to see that this was a delivery from Mattel Creations.

repaired cardboard box

The holes in the side of the box went right through it the whole thing, contents and all. It was like it had been impaled by something or been shot with an elephant gun. I thought it was strange that mine arrived a few days after other people started receiving theirs, I guess it was due to the repairs to the box. I’m usually one of the first in Australia to receive my Mattel Creations orders.

damaged grizzlor mattel creations box

I had actually taken the figure out of the mailer box to inspect it before I went back to take photos, it wasn’t missing from the mailer box but was very damaged within it. It looked like it had been mauled by an animal, but that’s impossible, we don’t have a dog and it was also sent to my PO Box anyway.

damaged grizzlor figure

This won’t look nice on any of our shelves.

further damaged mailer boxes

Two of the other three mailer boxes were also damaged and so was the card back of one of the figures inside. You can see how that other Grizzlor arrived above with its mailer torn open.

My Conclusion is that someone at the distribution centre or at one of the stops from the US to Australia included someone who is very bad at driving a forklift. I guess a forklift is one of the only things that could simply poke through both sides of a box like this.

I’m hoping that Mattel Creations can help us out here as we generally don’t open our toys and display them and its tricky to figure out which of us gets to keep the nicer figures and who gets the torn up one. I’m unsure if the figure itself is damaged, I’ll probably open it but want to see what Mattel has to say.

We don’t want to have to buy them again on eBay as the prices on there are 4x times what these cost when going direct to Mattel Creations, but as they were made to order, I’m concerned they cannot be replaced.


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