The Weirdest McDonald’s Order Requests

The Weirdest McDonalds Order Requests

I’m in a Facebook group for McDonald’s staff and it’s quite interesting to see the kinds of weird situations they end up in. I recently saw a post about the weirdest orders they’ve ever received and it was a fun read. To protect the privacy of the group members, I’m posting this as text only & some of it will be tweaked a little bit for context found in the replies/discussion where it’s required.

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Do you cut up Big Macs?

We had someone ask if we could cut up everything from a Big Mac (including the bun) and put it in a salad. We said no and got called racist. Like no it’s cross-contamination on our chicken cutter

Customers causing you to stand in the cold

I had to stand out in the pouring rain for a customer to look through all of her food and checks to see if anything was wrong so she didn’t have to her out of her car.
It was snowing and I had no jumper/jacket on, just a short-sleeved top and the customer was like “ just wait here until I’ve checked it” and for someone who had like 2 meals, took her sweet sweet time.

Can you blend my burger?

Blend a cheeseburger in the frappe machine. It was for someone without teeth.

People don’t know the menu at all

Two baked potatoes, we don’t even… it’s MCDONALD’S.

Someone asked for a hot dog…

Some lady once asked for chicken wings.

A lady in drive-thru asked me to walk over to the convenience store next door and buy her a gallon of tea and give it to her in our drive Tru because she didn’t want to go inside or use their curbside service.

Someone asked for pizza when Pizza Hut is down the road from us lol.

*Both Me And My Crew Member Are Wearing HeadSets*
My Crew: Hi Welcome To Mcdonalds What Can We Make For You Today?
Customer: Can I Have A KFC Bucket
*Me And My Crew Look Up At Each Other With A Dumb Look On Our Faces*
Me: Hi Welcome To MC..DON..ALDS……. What Can We Make For U Today
Customer: Yeah Do Yall Have Fried Chicken.

Can I have ketchup made out of tomatoes?

Toilet paper.

A McDouble no bacon. I work at burger king…

This lady would come through all the time asking for grilled cheese in a Happy Meal.

2 “Whoppers” filet o fish no fish patty extra tarter and an apple-pie cold

Wrong Time of Day

Can I have a hash brown? Sir, it’s 6pm we don’t do hash browns after 11. Ok, I’ll take an uncooked one. No. We can’t do that. I wanna speak to your manager.

Do you guys serve breakfast after breakfast hours?

Frappe or Iced Coffee?

I had this lady order a frappe an then asked why it was like 20 cents or some stupid shit more or than the iced coffee (before tax of course) an I was like oh well we’re doing a promotional event where a large iced coffee is $2.14 for limited time and well she was like forget the frappe then give me the iced coffee so I do an I ring it in pay her out idk maybe 5 minutes later she comes through the DT an was like I want my money back so I go get my manager an she tells my manager she wanted a frappe an she doesn’t understand why it was more than the iced coffee an demanded my manager change the price of the large frappe to the promotional price of the iced coffee an my manager said we can’t do that we don’t control prices an the lady was like well then I want the frappe free an I want a refund on my iced coffee an by that point my manager was so pissed at this lady she did she gave her the refund An the frappe free shit was wild the drive through was backed up to the street (were located right off the highway) an it was the most ridiculous thing over 20 cents or less in the price of a drink.

Can I order a McCafe?

“Can I get a McCafé?”
“Which one sir”
“The caramel one”
“…which caramel one, we have mochas, macchiatos, frappes…”
“The hot caramel McCafé”
“Sir the McCafé is a machine, which drink would you like from it”
“The one on the screen, with the whipped cream and all that”
I rang him up for a hot Caramel Mocha

Prank McDonald’s Orders

While in the kitchen we got an order for a Filet, no tartar, no fish patty, no cheese. So we served just the steamed bun and got a complaint. Then we’re always getting DoorDash orders for cheeseburgers without literally everything, so just the wrapper basically. We just either put the wrappers in the bag or just make regular cheeseburgers.

Can I get a chocolate shake without chocolate?

Double cheeseburger with no meat and no bun.

We have a guy who regularly orders 3 or 5 plain eggs.

Hamburger plain no meat no bun.

People who don’t know about hamburgers

Can I have a cheeseburger but no cheese? gets me every time.

What I don’t get is when they ask for a cheeseburger with no cheese like hun so a hamburger.

Cheeseburger no cheese, you mean a hamburger? I said a cheeseburger no cheese.. okay then

Truly Dumb McDonald’s Orders

A Carmel frappe with no ice.

A 60 dollar order and they wanted everything fresh.

People asked me “How many selects are in a 5 select box?” And “how much are the 99p fries?”

A large latte with no milk.

Fresh sweet tea.

A frappe without the coffee.

Weird Orders

Sausage and Egg McMuffin
-no egg
-add pickle
-add onion
And another requested a McMuffin with green beans?

Large coffee, add 30 cream and 30 sugars.

Mcchicken no chicken “McLettuce”

Hot chocolate, decaf coffee, and regular coffee in a large cup.

Weirdly Specific McDonald’s Requests

Iced coffee as light as my skin. Lady is white as fuck, wants 88% milk 5%creamer, the rest coffee with a shit tone of liquid sugar. She’ll make us dump it out and keep adding more and more milk until its white as fuck.

I was taking this person’s order.. and she literally says “don’t burn it don’t brown it they won’t eat it if it is” so I put special request and told them and they said “we literally have no control over that when we steam it” so they get to the window and the presenter ends up throwing it away cause it wasn’t their standards. I said next time just don’t steam it.

Can you drop the attitude?

12 fresh holiday pies and the woman ordered 2 milkshakes but she wanted those to be fresh.

I had someone specifically ask for 1 cube of ice in a drink.

Two big mac in a salad bowl and cut in little pieces.

A McDouble but the cheese on the side…. also a cheeseburger plain with no reg. Meat.

Fries with a cup of hot oil on the side so it can taste fresh. Basically like “I’m sorry sir we can’t give away our oil and we have nothing that could hold it”. He got mad and started saying he wouldn’t have to get the oil if we just served fresh fries.

20 cheese… no drinks or fries just the cheese… I got so many questions from the back area about this order lol.

2 crispy buttermilk’s, 2 Mc ribs…but cut the mc ribs in half…put half of one mc rib on the bottom of the crispy and the other half on the top of the crispy for both sandwiches

Cheeseburger Happy Meal with ONLY lettuce & mac sauce.

6 McRibs please but have the bun sauce and patty all in sperate boxes, please.

7 Large Unsweetened Tea with mostly ice along with 5 cups of just ice. EVERYDAY AT THE MOST BUSIEST TIMES DAY OR NIGHT.

A big Mac, everything on the side, bun cut in half. And a filet…”plain…only cheese” THATS NOT PLAIN FOR A FILET.

Greedy Customers

Cheeseburger but just the buns

The lady had ONE 10 piece nugget no fries no drink no nothing and gone ask for 10 hot mustard.

I would like two 20pc nuggets one with BBQ sauce one with buffalo sauce in two separate bags with each bags having four packs of ketchup four packs of hot Picante sauce a fork in each bag what’s 5 napkins

This burger is too cold, but I ate all my fries and I’m full so I want a new burger but I don’t want it now I want it later.

Guy had a messed up order I don’t remember what was wrong with it but he wanted us to send a DoorDash driver with the food to him. That isn’t even possible.

Some guy once asked me if I could cover his $30 DOLLAR ORDER and he’d pay me back next week. Uhhhh no.

To put someone’s beer can in our fridge.

Mine wins lol, UberEats orders are shit… 😂 Sausage McMuffin add 3 (or 4 can’t remember) sausage and 5 extra cheese…

This guy would come in and ask for “senior drinks” for him and his 3 grandkids

McDouble add 13 slices of cheese (which you can’t put on a McDouble anyway).

A double quarter pounder with x6 meat x6chesse it weighed so much.

Bad Combinations

Slivered onions on a McChicken

A Mayo chicken legend with no lettuce add pickles, ketchup, mustard, fresh onion, tomato, tasty cheese, cucumbers and shredded lettuce

Carmel syrup in sweet tea.

Sausage muffin ad mayo and tartar sauce

Soak the bun in black coffee for 20 mins with sugar before making the burger please.

I ordered fries no salt once.

Hotcakes add round egg.

This guy asked if me if we had cream soda…I said that we didn’t, so asked for coffee cream cups so he can put it in his coke

Dumb McDonald’s Complaints and Orders

A customer said her ice cream was too cold.

Can I get a 10 pack of fries and a medium nugget?

Not the wildest but one that frustrated me was two McDouble hamburgers. No he didn’t want McDoubles or double hamburgers, he wanted McDouble hamburgers?

A large cappuccino with 6x amount of froth and 6x amount of sugar so I made it and the man got mad at me because the drink was too heavy like bitch do u want just the froth + sugar???

Probably Keto McDonald’s Orders

2 hot and spicy patties just the patties add cheese.

Big Mac no buns.

A Quarter Pounder with cheese, tarter sauce only with no bun

Changing the Travis Scott Meal

mcdonalds travis scott meal
When the Travis Scott meal hit they would come and order it with no bacon or shredded lettuce and paying extra when they could just get the quarter pounder like what’s the point of the meal if your not gonna get it how it is?

Gross McDonald’s Stories

Our bathroom was closed to the public due to covid and a women wanted us to give her napkins so she could shit on the back wall of the building(she did)

The money in the register and a small fry.

Bad McFlurry Combinations

A Mcflurry With Ketchup!! A damn Mcflurry with Ketchup. And he wanted a meat patty and he literally put them together in front of drive-through and ate it. I was graveyard shift closer.

Pickle McFlurry, they wanted pickles and pickle juice mixed into a McFlurry.

Last night someone tried to order a chicken and bacon mcflurry

Expensive Orders

Nine $10 family bundles. Like y’all just spent $90 not including the fries/drinks, with that money you could get everyone a NICE meal somewhere else or just cook better food

38 large waters.

A cup of soda. No soda.

Well, they aren’t ridiculous, but, these two orders were hella big.
One was 60 McMuffins and 30 potatoes (they called the day before thank god)
One was a whole school bus, about what 30 ish people? Yeah, all combos. There’s also a bunch of dumb orders and this one lady who keeps coming back cause apparently every time she gets what she asked for, somethings wrong regardless (she makes us wastes at least 50$ of meal prices, not product prices every time she’s here).


What do you think?

Written by Keith Nallawalla

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