How to Know if Digital Marketing is For You

is digital marketing for me

The virtual era is setting a new system for the marketing landscape. From papers to screens, marketing has flipped to various digital channels and platforms as we believe that it is most convenient for us especially in the modern-day. Hence, many people are also finding careers online; may it be being a virtual assistant, writer, proofreader, and all the possible online jobs they could do, and now being a freelancer is something all are dreaming of.

Digital marketing is another career that is well-sought of in online job hunt websites. Because marketing on paper is a hassle, more and more people are now leaning towards the digitalization of marketing paraphernalia and making good salaries than going to an all-so-boring office where you need to be physically present. And if ever you consider yourself as a digital marketer, one question should remain —- is it the right fit for you?

Here we have a checklist on how you can assess if the digital marketing path is really right for you:

A good communicator

Being a good conversationalist is on top of the list. And no, we don’t mean talking to clients and your target audience physically or on the phone. Nonetheless, it entails that you should be able to convey to clients how to market a product or a service in the easiest way possible. As more and more people are also not into wordy statements and messages, you have to remember to K.I.S.S

Short and

Also, a good communicator is someone who knows how to empathize. Through this, you ought to take into consideration what your clients need to know. Believe us, you can gain customer satisfaction and loyalty in no time.

Someone Flexible

As always, it is a no-brainer for people to be flexible when finding a job. Yet, when it comes to digital marketing, you must have the capability of adjusting to the ever-evolving virtual world. As needs are always changing, you must come up with strategies that can boost up your marketing abilities, having to know what needs to be done to cope up with your brand, competitors, and also offering new sales strategies to entice clients. Hence, always do thorough research on the trends so you will not get left behind.

SEO Whiz

Search Engine Optimization is preferred in digital marketing. Better known as SEO, this is a skill wherein you choose words that are highly searched by clients, yet still associate the products or service you venture into. Creating content that appears on top of the list of almost every search creates a way for you to have thousands of visits for a client, gaining more sales in the future. Hence, businesses are now battling on who appears first, as they convert more views from your target market. Still, if you don’t know how to do it, worry not as there are virtual assistants out there who offer courses for SEO.


Infographics are one of the best key components to a good marketing strategy. Making something that shows figures, animations, and pictures entices clients even more as they do not need to go from paragraph to paragraph anymore. Creating customized infographics that also give ample context that works like magic for digital marketers. Web designers and animators fall well under this skill.


More than just the surface, a good digital marketer is someone who can think rationally beyond any circumstance. Therefore, one should be analytical and logical when it comes to marketing digital references, making sure that all are done in the best way possible. Moreover, having an analytical mind provides your clients with a way of marketing in the most coherent manner, suiting their wants and needs to garner a higher probability of sales.

Being a great digital marketer isn’t done overnight. A set of skills is needed to be fit with the career; might as well do training, improve your strategy, and get to know the latest trends in the marketing industry. Who knows? You might be landing in a famous company anytime soon.

Now, are you up for the challenge?

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