What is Project Marketing?

what is project marketing

Marketing is a vital component for companies nowadays. Management of deliverables, turnaround time, and projection of customer preferences and satisfaction is a key characteristic for companies to uphold. Given the efforts and the expertise needed for marketers, companies are often dependent on project marketers to project business and business portfolios.

Project Marketing is a concept that has long been in the marketing arena. As there is a withstanding competition among businesses nowadays, companies are required to adapt to the ever-changing market orientation due to the competitive pressures among companies. By this, project marketing is a way to present the endeavours of what a company wants for a specific project, which then creates a way to mutually benefit firms and companies, maximizing efforts to gain loyalty among customers, shareholders, and partners for a successful project.

However, most people get confused: is project marketing different from project management, or are they just the same?

Project Marketing

Project Marketing is different from Project Management in the way that the former initiates how a project must be. It may entail the environment, projection of customers and sales, and the process to which a business project should undergo. However, project marketing is solely the planning of a project, which serves as a business proposal for marketers to sell their service to others. By which, marketers can communicate with partners to bring the project to life. On the other hand, project management is how you handle the project when it has already been taken into place.

Goals of Project Marketing

The end goal of project marketing is to successfully apply the plans with considerations of a broad portfolio and project management methods to have a seamless flow of the projects. Thus, it is deemed necessary to have a key understanding of what a project really is, ensuring that everything must go as planned. Yet, successful project marketing is achieved through:

Knowledge of project goals and procedures

Knowing the project on a micro-level satisfies stakeholders when you present your proposal. Making sure that you understand what the project all about provides you with a basis on what to do with processes, who to tap, and how to execute the project. Nevertheless, it makes it easier for you to light the bulb for your possible partners to consider your proposal.

Support Groups

You cannot execute the project fully when you still don’t have support from the key groups in the working environment. It is essential to create partnerships with groups that will be there to help you out in the execution of the project; optimal resources to manage your project must always be ready.

Identifying Problems and Providing Solutions

By projecting what may come in the middle of the project, you will be equipped with solutions to ensure the continuation of your project. Being able to know your way around the possible problems that may happen and the early diffusing of probable complications ensures you the benefit of trust from stakeholders.

Specific Goals

Vague deliverables must always be avoided. Thus, to be efficient and concise to stakeholders, project marketers must provide specific information about the goals and the contents of the project, and it must be communicated enough when presenting the project proposal. Nevertheless, strategies can be brought to the table as early as possible, to make a project a success.

Project Marketing plays an essential role in making the initial phase of a project productive. Identifying the goals, and serving specific deliverables and management processes enables the project marketing to be of interest to a company’s stakeholders. Therefore, project marketing ensures that there is communication between you and the company, providing you with a beneficial process, partnerships, and the successful trial of the project.


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