Over 200 of the Best & Worst Among Us Memes to Share with Your Team

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Having been stuck at home for months for most of  2020, Among Us has recently become a massive social game that friends and coworkers alike can play for free online from their phones. It is also available very cheap on PC.

Among Us is quickly becoming a cult classic and is becoming big in pop culture. You’ll even see Among Us custom meme stickers and Among Us Merchandise everywhere.

We’ve been playing this game constantly with friends and people from work and sharing memes on our work chats, work reports and emails. Here’s a collection of Among Us memes that I’ve saved from the various Among Us meme pages on Facebook.

Whilst this article is really just a collection of memes, I hope it encourages you to play this great game with the team whilst you’re isolated.

Where did I steal these Among Us Memes?

Join these Among Us meme groups on Facebook to get spammed with the latest dank content.

Among Us Susposting – here.

Among Us meme group – here.

Among Us Imposting – here.

These groups all have over 100K users but seem to have pretty similar content since memes are made to be shared. Here’s some of the best and worst I’ve collected over the past few weeks. Feel free to steal and share. If you know the credits for any artwork in this article, please let me know and I’ll update.

i don't play among us meme imposter

I shared this meme with work friends before I actually played my first game of Among Us.

stupid among us meme

This is exactly how I felt in my first few games of Among Us.

reactor meltdown simpsons homer among us meme

When the reactor is about to meltdown, you sometimes just have to hope your teammates can take care of it.

cat self report meme among us

I never self-report in Among Us. Maybe I should.

red sus meme doctor

I feel like no matter what you do in this game, people will think you’re sus.

mom i don't give you that many chores among us tasks

My partner gives me so many tasks to clean the house, it looks exactly like this.

among us disappointed cricket fan meme

I feel like almost every game I’m about to finish a task and someone reports a body. This is particularly annoying when you’re learning the harder tasks.

they always ask who's the imposter but never ask how's the imposter

I must say, I’ve never wanted to know how anyone is in this game.

among us stealth meme

It’s always awkward when you’re the imposter and get accused of killing someone that another imposter took care of.

seinfeld turn around meme among us

It’s so hard to know who to trust. I’ve teamed up with the wrong people far too many times.

among us wrong body meme

I hate getting voted out for the wrong body.

harry potter snape among us meme

Doing tasks in electrical is the easiest excuse.

tom and jerry among us electrical meme

Everyone dies in electrical.

hardest among us task

I’ve literally had this happen to me.

judge you seem kinda sus among us meme

Cyan is always sus.

fakin it jackbox games among us

Fakin’ It by Jackbox Games is also a lot of fun, but you need to be in the same room. Among Us is great as you can play online.

ejected into space among us cat meme

It’s frustrating when you’re literally doing everything right and still get voted out.

baby yoda the child meme among us swipe card

This happened to me at the start. A few tasks have quite a learning curve for them.

among us ice cream flavour cute meme

This is one of the cutest stories ever. I wonder if they’re married now.

among us colour chart of sus

This was made by a Cyan player.

umbrella academy car meme among us

Always sus when you’re running away from a room with a body in it.

among us rubbish bin garbage can memes

These rubbish bins are sus.

gordon ramsey daughter jamie oliver among us meme

I rarely feel bad for Gordon Ramsey, but ouch.

anakin kills younglings among us meme sus

Anything involving the scene in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith involving Anakin killing the younglings is always good with me.

but not for me meme among us

Killing someone in the cafeteria is risky.

billy what have you done among us

I hate people who cheat in Among Us, but I do enjoy playing over audio chat with friends and colleagues instead of text.

super wide monitor for among us

I wish I had one of these giant screens, but the line of sight into this game doesn’t work like that.

among us groomsmen wedding

This is the most suspicious wedding ever.

professor mcgonagall among us meme baby yoda

I’m happy seeing these memes on Facebook.

mobile game ads meme among us

Mobile game ads are 100% like this.

among us lost cat meme imposter

This is a good problem to have.

dwight scared by angela among us fuck

People just hate Cyan.

the four horsemen of destroying friendships

Among Us has joined Monopoly, Uni and Mario Kart’s Blue Shell as the ultimate friendship destroyer.

uncle fester among us wasn't me

There’s nothing more awkward than being caught red-handed and you can’t do anything about it except a lie.

among us you're goddamn right heisenberg breaking bad

“Where” is the most used word in this game.

Popping out of a vent when there are too many crewmates in the room

Popping out of a vent when there are too many crewmates in the room

among us cyan dwight the office meme even cooler

Everyone hates Cyan.

jeremy clarkson genius meme among us god killer jesus

It’s actually pretty annoying when people blame you based on your name.

among us worlds strongest man contest discord meme

Strong players don’t cheat.

hardest tasks in among us

These are some of the hardest tasks in Among Us.

the simpsons ralph i'm in danger among us meme

There’s nothing worse than getting everyone to vote with you and then being wrong.

always sunny in philadelphia wildcard bitches among us

I think a lot of players get a kick out of confusing everyone.

winnie the pooh among us meme colours

People quitting the game over such trivial things really ruins the game.

among us selling out other imposters

When you’re playing with 2-3 imposters and they rat you out… Terrible!

among us standing there menacingly meme patrick

This task is actually really hard.

pokemon professor oak choose your starter among us meme

Cyan is the sus type Pokemon.

standing in cafeteria meme

It’s always awkward knowing what to do after you’ve finished your tasks without looking sus.

among us rule 34 meme

If you don’t know what Rule 34 is, you’re lucky.

ps4 porn meme among us

I’ve had people die right next to me when I’m doing tasks before.

among us perfect speed

It’s good that you can change the speed in the game, making it slightly faster is good.

among us hat meme dad of two will keep his kids

I love dad of two who will not leave his kid.

i'm fast i'm very fast meme among us michael scott

Playing Among Us on 2x speed is really hard the first time you try it.

the boys the invisible cunt among us meme

If you haven’t watched Amazon Prime’s tv series The Boys, get on it!

lisa simpson when you press report instead of vent

Be careful which button you press when you’re near a body impostors.

patrick man ray among us meme

It’s always sad when you say everything right but still gets ejected.

homer simpson nuclear reactor among us meme the world

This is the distraction we needed for 2020.

map of world sus among us

Most players are not actually sus at all.

among us reporter self report meme

I’ve found people getting called out for self-reporting, voted off and were actually innocent many times.

among us electrical accepting your death meme

If you have to stay in Electrical all game, you’re probably gonna die.

among us oldschool you're my boy blue meme

Love it when someone backs me and I’m actually the impostor. I’ll kill them last.

among us allegedly

I need to start saying “allegedly” during gameplay.

thanos a soul for a soul meme

You gotta do what you gotta do to stay off the radar.

among us gaslighting your friends

Among us and card games like Werewolf, The Resistance, Coup and Secret Hitler are seriously making us all great at gaslighting our friends.

scarlet witch you took everything from me among us meme

It wasn’t me, I was in electrical.

planet of the apes among us apes together strong

Apes together strong.

are you a bad boy among us

I hate it when people do this.

james franco spiderman among us meme

This Spider-Man meme is great.

dispicable me gru among us meme

This has happened to me.

gravity falls whoa this is worthless among us meme

When there’s nothing to do after finishing your tasks.

spongebob among us medbay scan

Please watch me medbay scan.

friends among us if i were a crewmate

“If I were a crewmate…”

among us australia 2020 covid bushfires meme

As an Australian, Among Us is definitely one of the few positives of 2020.

among us can i come over meme

This game can definitely put strains on relationships.

joe exotic among us ejected

I miss Tiger King memes.

chris pratt yondu guardians of the galaxy blue meme

This is always sad when someone you know is good gets voted out.

among us bart simpson cake meme

This sucks.

among us oh no anyway jeremy clarkson top gear meme

When you die, you still gotta do your job or you won’t win.

shocked faces among us meme

My face.

bernie sanders once again asking why emergency meeting among us

Stop doing emergency meetings unless you have a good reason.

squidward ghost meme among us

I only do this after I finish my tasks.

shopping don't look sus

As a kid, I was always worried about looking sus when leaving a shop.

among us rick and morty jerry

Classic Jerry.

you guys are just mean meme

Don’t vote randomly based on colour!

among us mad max medbay witness me

I feel like these guys from Mad Max fury road when I’m making sure I’m seen scanning in medbay.

among us arrested development good for her

You can’t help but be a little spiteful when you’re voted out and you’re crew.

swipe card among us meme

Swiping ID can be hard.

among us supercuts sus

I would not get my hair cut at this place.

among us pass note start

Hate people who keep spamming “start” when the game isn’t even full.

spongebob mr crabs among us patrick

This is always difficult to watch.

professor mcgonagall among us meme

Red, Cyan and Pink, so suspicious.

attention i have been murdered

I hate it when I’m killed somewhere that won’t get noticed quickly.

among us download upload change my mind meme

I disagree with this as it’s actually easy to do, just takes time.

among us hate pink

I’ve actually seen someone try and vote someone out at the start for being pink. “No one chooses to be pink”.

among us doctor card declined meme

American Healthcare System.

among us eye transplant meme

Again, the American Healthcare System.

among us ain't god good

I love it when this happens.

among us heart beat meme

It can be quite stressful.

among us dense syndrome

I doubt this really happened.

among us disney meme lime is evil

Lime green is truly the colour of evil.

creepy baby among us meme

I have no idea where this meme originated and I don’t care to find out.

among us post malone flash meme

I need to use the cameras more.

among us never has been

So Cyan wasn’t sus? Never has been.

harry potter downloading data among us

This is frustrating.

everyone watching you med scan

Everyone watching me scan in medbay.

cat and dogs among us imposter

There’s an impostor here…

thanos among us meme

Everyone spamming “where” the second a meeting is called.

among us joe biden election debate meme

Will you shut up, man?

joe exotic among us meme

This woman’s just obsessed with me.

spongebob among us squidward meme


inflatable flamingo hat among us fan art

Unfortunately, the artist’s name wasn’t included in this.

the impostor is pretty good

I need to try this.

shaq reading book meme among us impostor

I definitely make the Shaq reading face when this happens.

i love honey impostor among us winnie the pooh

Impostors need to stick together.

among us smile tom and jerry impostor

Gotta be careful not to make this face on when on Google Hangouts or Discord. teletubbies po among us meme

This can’t be unseen.

among us court

Pray you never have Among Us players on your jury.

among us crossed wires meme

We’ve all been there.

cat head against wall impostor among us us fake task

This how I felt when I tried the newer maps as Imposter but didn’t know where the real tasks were.

welcome to the gang kid meme among us

Red is scarier than Murderin’ Mike and Stealin’ Steve.

among us real tasks for impostors

This would actually be a cool feature.

crewmate logic when i'm crew impostor meme


among us political compass hat meme

Among Us hat political map.

among us banning impostor brain meme

Nah never ban a good impostor.

star trek impostor meme among us

When you gotta fake being shocked.

pineapple on pizza impostor of the vent

Pineapple on pizza memes crossover with everything. PS. I eat pineapple on pizza but I don’t go out of my way to order a pizza with pineapple. I’ll take it if it’s free though.

your colour doesn't mean you're the impostor

I’ve only just now Googled the spelling of Imposter or Impostor. Both are correct but “Impostor” is the more common spelling.

i'm something of an impostor myself

You should not report your fellow imposters.

bernie sanders impostor quits


Masahiro Sakurai No, This Isn't How You're Supposed To Play The Game among us meme

I’m not religious but love a good Masahiro Sakurai “No, This Isn’t How You’re Supposed To Play The Game” meme.

Masahiro Sakurai No, This Isn't How You're Supposed To Play The Game among us meme

This is the ultimate betrayal.

among us do not orphan my child

Please think of the poor orphan kids in this game.

kill crewmate with child among us meme

I love how people love children and pets in this game.

first time meme among us

Poor Cyan players.

teacher meme among us

I’m pretty sure my teacher friends do this.

bad acting as imposter in among us

Some people are terrible actors.

Deadpool Juggernaut among us meme

Yep, this is pretty common.

Deadpool Juggernaut among us meme

I’ve never seen anyone say teal instead of cyan.

nobody is born cool grim adventures of billy mandy among us

Please finish your tasks, ghosts.

teacher in online class among us meme

Unlike you’d recognise the teacher’s username but sure, I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

among us logic

This is pretty similar to another one. Sorry.

good players in among us despicable me meme

I’ve played with some really good players and I miss them.

boys with haircut like this have 125 chance of killing you

Don’t trust a carrot.

seinfeld george castanza i'm in my own office vent

Oh no.

ew i stepped in shit among us maze task

This is 100% the very worst task.

running around in among us meme

One of my work friends always gets people to race whilst waiting for the game to start. It’s just a round circuit counter-clockwise.

only once every hundred years among us wires

This has been getting more and more common for me.

power rangers among us teletubbies meme

Don’t be like that.

will smith rewind among us meme

Sabotaging the lights is a good strategy.

stop yelling start in among us spongebob

These are the worst people.

bro i'm about to kill you among us meme

This is a pretty dumb meme template I guess.

everyone wear hats among us meme

Don’t mess up the party hat code.

Video Games Appeal to the Male Fantasy meme among us meme

No comment.

luke darth vader star wars among us meme

There can be some massive shocks in this game.

spongebob professional idiot among us meme

It happens.

call and ambulance but not for me among us

I love this meme even if it doesn’t really make sense for Among Us.

running frog meme among us

Gotta get to the button. Gotta call a meeting.

the skeld polus mira hq

One of my friend groups spent weeks playing only on The Skeld, always too scared to try Mira HQ or Polus. It gets boring always playing the same levels, you’ve gotta try Polus and Mira HQ!!!

where does it hurt meme

This actually does hurt at times.

how to tell if cyan is plotting to kill you

Cyan is always plotting to kill you.

spiderman pointing meme among us

This has never happened to me… I guess not many people want to be Keith.

who's sus among us meme


baby killer meme among us

I wish the children could kill the other children.

if i had a gun with two bullets the office among us meme


dr manhattan tired of earth meme among us

I love Dr Manhattan.

tenacious d pick of destiny among us meme

I hate players who have colours as their names.

the boys homelander among us meme

This is good.

Keanu Reeves Joker Among Us Meme

This is so cute.

among us graphics

I love these simple graphics.

this is the story of how i died meme tangled among us


king of the hill sign meme among us bobby

Love King of the Hill.

drake meme among us

I’m way more familiar with the Drake meme than I am his actual music.


dwight angela office among us crewmate

This is slightly different from the previous version. among us voted disappointed cricket fan

You won’t get apologies in this game.

among us pixar lamp meme

This is clever.kenobi anakin high ground meme among us

Another Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker Star Wars Episode 3 meme.

i came out of electrical alive

This is worth bragging about.

team rocket jessie james among us meme

I’ve done this.

i'm always with you son

Sad story.

ghost in among us pro

When you think you’re good bust you actually spend most of your time as a ghost.

ghost in among us pro

Save this one for Valentine’s day.

ghost in among us pro

Even Dr Strange knows that Cyan is always sus.

ghost in among us pro

Classic impostor move.

waiting for cool down in among us

Using cooldown as a time to earn trust is a good tactic.

waiting for cool down in among us

This gotta be annoying.

among us without clothesNot sure of author credit, but maybe they don’t want their name attached here.

among us without clothes

Please do your dang tasks.

homer imposter pretending to do task as crew watches simpons

It’s really hard to be imposter on a map you don’t know well.

pingu among us

Hate this task, but there is definitely less pressure to do it first try when you’re dead…

coup among us secret hitler werewolf the resistence

I love games like Coup, Secret Hitler, Avalon, The Resistance, One Night Werewolf etc.

fred mask scooby doo among us

I’ve never done this.

strawberry shoot


imposters say where first

This seems accurate, always trying to deflect attention.

the witcher fuck among us

Poor Geralt of Rivia. I’m keen for the next season of The Witcher by the way.

spongebob mob among us


vote your imposter brotherThis is kinda how it feels sometimes.

google log in from new device

I like that they do this, yet it drives me crazy at the same time.

raid shadow legends

I’m definitely sick of ads or sponsored YouTube videos from Raid Shadow Legends. Go away.

mobile games go away

Among Us being the one good mobile game, especially since you can crossplay with PC.

mobile game ads and actual gameplay

I swear some mobile games put more budget into their ads than into their entire games.

stop doing this

The life of an idiot.

teacher who broke the window

It’s good when kids stick together I guess.

drake meme voting out early meetings

Yeah, go away.

bruh i'm deadWhy do people accuse the dead?

child scanning in among us

A sad but cute story.

michael cera among us

I love Michael Cera.

lion king among us mufasa death

Another Lion King meme right in the feels.

sad story in among us

Another sad one.

betrayal in among us

Ultimate betrayal.

the imposter chase

You should only really follow the imposter if you’ve finished your tasks.

wrong imposter

This is never nice.

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